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How to creatively light up a bathroom

How to creatively light up a bathroom

Bathroom expresses itself in different ways. Sometimes, it is the place you sought refuge for soul searching, sometimes it is your destination to relax and uplift yourself before a critical presentation and business meeting while the other, it is a place that must dazzle for your incoming guests. In order to complement the versatility of this room, ambiance needs adjustment and lighting plays an important part in doing that. Light temperature also plays a crucial role in this regard, hence be careful while selecting fixtures for bathroom lighting. The scope of interior designing have now extended to washrooms as well; long gone are the times when simple fixtures such as Saba ceiling light would be enough. It is that time that an all-inclusive lighting scheme is executed in the washrooms through multiple bathroom ceiling lights, and we will tell you how to achieve that creatively.

Use vanity mirror to your advantage

While many modern vanities come with mirror lights, there is always a room for an extra fixture over the top of the mirror or at each side. It is better to choose a mirror which is rectangular to make placement symmetrical. Dazzling glass pieces like Backlit Mirror Rectangle 48 X 28 In can be elegantly put above the mirror. Not only do they give good illumination but transform in to decorative and reflective glass surfaces when turned off to assist in the dispersion of luminescence from other lighting fixtures in the space. Bathroom mirror with lights serve as the center piece of bathroom lighting, therefore choose fixtures that complement your bathroom architecture. saba-pp--50----- If you have the budget, you may place a pair of attractive wall sconce pieces like Colours wall sconce at each side. As grandiose as it sounds, it will be composed at the very same time too. Mirror comes in to play when you style for any party or gathering and that tends to happen a lot therefore you must need proper task lighting so that you do not smear up you face with extra blush-on or put extra wax on your hair. LED bathroom lighting and washroom lights are no different, so don't get confused.

Shower area needs proper illumination

We can't just forget the basics to integrate creativeness. Shower area is the most important part of the washroom and needs proper lighting but can you make them serve dual purposes? Yes and quite easily as well. You'll find a number of options in LED bathroom lighting and bathroom ceiling lighting category, so make your choices wisely. giogapl--35-----1 Place wall fixtures such as Giogali PL35 Ceiling Light that are water-resistant and will accommodate for the tasks at hand. It has a dimmer option so it can be used for weak illumination at night when you wake up for a piss and don't want a bright light pinching your eyes.  

What else?

There are plenty of other options you can avail. Firstly, you can install linear lights over or inside the cabinets so that getting the right thing at the right time is not a problem. Fixtures such as Smithfield C Ceiling Light give a good directed light and don't come expensively. Light temperature also plays a vital role, so do keep that in mind while choosing a fixture. smithfield-c-life-01-germano-borrelli-2010-h Secondly, cove lighting may be installed but that needs prior construction of ledges in the ceilings. It is however a chic way of giving a soft glow which is not striking to the eye but still illuminates effectively. Thirdly, you may also consider placing a small pendant over the vanity or bathtub if the washroom is large. Bathroom lighting is about finding the right balance, hence take your time while choosing the fixtures, don't rush. To conclude, the creative layout doesn't mean installing uncommon lighting fixtures but it refers to using the general fixtures in an innovative way that helps to fulfill versatile purposes.
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