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Hot Trends in Architectural Lighting

Hot Trends in Architectural Lighting

Taking some time to explore the latest or most rapidly emerging trends in architectural lighting is a good approach to finding simple ways to spruce up your interior spaces whether they are residential or commercial. After all, swapping out a few fixtures, updating a color scheme and changing some basic decor can allow you to completely alter the look, tone and style of even a larger space. Want to take that rather Spartan space and turn it into a modernist's ideal? You can do that with well chosen architectural lighting and a new wall color. Looking to tone down a more visually active space? That too can be done with a beautifully chosen chandelier and a more soothing palette.

Bell 045 Pendant Lamp by Axo

Choosing Architectural Lighting Components

Below, I've chosen some of the best options from our array of architectural lighting galleries, but don't limit your choices to my favorites. Take some time to look at the architectural ceiling lights, architectural floor lamps, architectural chandeliers, architectural pendants, architectural wall lights and the many picture and display lighting options that can highlight everything from innovative furnishings to specific lines within any room.

Why Architectural Lighting at All?

Naturally, choosing architectural lighting is an obvious way to introduce several key elements, including the most obvious - better lighting. And yet, before you start viewing the choices below, you might be wondering why select architectural lighting over choices such as decorative or "room specific" fixtures? In a word: Trends. Architectural Lighting Magazine itself says that the ongoing quest to eliminate "vanilla" living and working spaces has put a huge amount of emphasis on lighting as part of overall design. And if there is a group that can ensure that lighting meets energy codes, does the job it is supposed to do (i.e. perfectly illuminate a space) and look good at the same time, it is designers and architects. It is they who are able to integrate the latest trends such as
  • Unique proportions (such as taller or longer shades)
  • Sculptural lighting with clean lines
  • Greener lighting (such as led lighting)
  • Unique materials and textures
  • More pendant lighting in every space imaginable

With all of that in mind, let's look at some of the more popular options.

The Mama Cloud 75 Suspension Lamp What says architectural lighting more than something designed by Frank O. Gehry? This remarkably restful fixture creates an array of moods that can range from natural to dreamy, textural to creative and does so while giving soft and effective lighting. Dimmable, it meets one of the most important trends in modern lighting and it can easily work in a commercial or residential space.

The Crown Major Chandelier

Crown Major Chandelier by Nemo Italianaluce

Of course, if you are eager to use architectural lighting as a focal point or statement piece in the commercial or residential setting, this amazing chandelier can also do the trick. Sized to balance larger spaces or banquette sofas and seating, it has a modernistic air that can be easily altered into a more traditional, candelabra look with the right palette and decor. Designed by Markus Jehs and Jurgen Laub it can be found in the polished aluminum finish ideal for modern spaces or a white finish that features a red cord for cooler esthetic.

Atria Duo Modern Two-Tier Rectangular LED Chandelier

Atria Duo Modern Two-Tier Rectangular LED Chandelier by Vonn Lighting

Bringing LED into a truly stylistic piece of architectural lighting, this two tier chandelier also meets many other trending points with its fully dimmable settings, its amazing efficiency, its "Pearlpure's Diode Arrays" that create full bodied white light that are paired with Voptics Diffusers (prismatic lenses to spread light evenly), and its sculptural and clean lines. Light in visual weight, it nonetheless has those oversized lines that are part of any contemporary setting.

The Bell Pendant Lamp - BEL045

The Bell Pendant Lamp - BEL045

Bell 045 Pendant Lamp by Axo

Seen at the top of this article, this visually appealing fixture is actually described in the industry as a form of "lightecture". Made in Italy it is crafted of ponge fabric and available in a wide array of colors that include electric blue, warm white, brick red, and gold yellow, among others. Sculptural in its appearance, it creates a warm glow at all times and offers the sort of gently diffused light preferred by many commercial and residential designers. This works well alone, but is sized perfectly for being used in pairs.

The IGU Pendant

Offering direct light to the surface below, this is an ideal fixture for the office, but also the dining area or anywhere that direct but gentle light is required. It is a blend of smoked glass and metal that makes it perfect for the modern and contemporary space. Oblong and well proportioned, it hits the trendiness factors with its unusual proportions and blend of shapes and sizes. Sculptural in its overall appearance, it is a dimmable pendant with much to offer.

Capella VMC32420BL Modern Flower Pedal LED Chandelier

Capella VMC32420BL Modern Flower Pedal LED Chandelier

Capella VMC32420 Modern Flower Pedal LED Chandelier by Vonn Lighting

Lastly is this fixture that meets all of the trendiest points. It is sculptural and yet very clean and tranquil in its appearance. When illuminated, it relies on diffuse LED lights that create amazing swirls and loops of gentle light. With its moderate size, it fits perfectly over a table or island, but would look ideal in pairs or triples. Inspired by the constellation Auriga as well as by the gentle petals of flowers, it is a blend of black and aluminum finishes and is entirely adjustable via its unique cable locking pins and suspension system. Set one or two at varying heights for the ultimate focal point. There are other ways to introduce lighting designed with architecture in mind. Consider flush fixtures such as the elegant but subtle Spin 3036 LED Ceiling Lights or the intriguing Grapes 6-Light Round Small LED Pendant Light, which might be hung in multiples to create walls of descending lights.

Grapes 6-Light Round Small LED Pendant Light by Sonneman

The good news is that you can choose from such fixtures as a way to create or update a space, emphasizing its dimensions, lines or views, and all while creating gentle, effective and visually appealing illumination. Are you curious to learn more about the ways you can introduce architectural lighting into your home or commercial spaces? If so, visit our Architectural Lighting gallery for inspiration and many impressive options.

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