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Home Office Lighting: A Handy Guide

Home Office Lighting: A Handy Guide

Home offices are not only the places to work and think intently but a spot to relax, watch a movie and make important decisions. One needs to be as relaxed as possible in these spaces to avoid stress, headaches, reduced morale to work and mood swings. Lighting home office correctly is an easy way to achieve this.

Tips before smashing purchase button

Choose an indirect lighting fixtures scheme. Working under direct glare induces headaches and eye pains. Look for ways to diffuse ambient light in the space. This can be done through lamps that offer downward lighting for example fixtures such as Sento Terra LED Floor Lamp are ideal for this purpose. Layering is critical for such places. Consider it as making a burger where the chicken patty forms the base, tomatoes and onions accommodate for the taste layer and sauce serves as the scrumptious catalyst.

Sento Terra Floor Lamp by Occhio

Similarly, the ambient light should be your base, task lighting; your functionality layer and accent lighting for an added glisten on the top. Also try blending natural light as your facilitator for illumination. Not only is it necessary for your physical nourishment but reduces the amount of finance invested on manufactured lighting to provide complete luminescence. It should be fuse artistically with artificial lighting to make the home office look airy and elegant.

Table lamps- synonymous to home offices

The concept of a study table or a home office counter sounds unreal without table lamps. Depending upon the size of the table, a single or an array of table lamps can be used. They offer focused radiance and can be made softer using dimmer switches or lamp shades. Pieces like Sento Tavolo NV Table Lamp have non adjustable arms and are somewhat larger in size while pieces like 6631 Luxus table lamp have swinging arms that offer rotations which are extremely handy for multitasking. They come in sleek designs with metal and plastic finishes that are light in weight and can be moved around easily. Curl lamps and LED globes can be a unique option as well. Fixtures such as BL2 Table Lamp offer a mild light that is perfect to work at late nights. 

BL2 Table Lamp by Gubi

In need of ceiling lights?

If you have a larger space available for home offices or an entire room, you will have to place ceiling lights for an ambient illumination. Options include flush and semi-flush mounts that are available in countless beautiful designs and sizes, pendants with graceful adornment that can dazzle up the entire space or chrome lighting which is contemporary lighting that is gaining wide popularity among homeowners. Fixtures such as TEC Karda 4 Wall or Ceiling Luminaire are large in size and come with shades for diffused light. The amount of the ceiling lights to be installed again depends upon the size of the room. Sometimes, a large pendant is enough to light the complete room for which pieces like Free 60 suspension light are suitable, while on the contrary you may require various fixtures for larger spaces. 

Top it off with an embellished touch

As discussed before, accent lighting provides a decorative touch to the home office. Shelf lights are a more classy choice for a similar style. Fixtures such as Ra table lamp are LED-lit which are long lasting as well as energy efficient. 

Miniature wall sconces may also come in handy, installed on walls while light bouncing off the walls to reach the table is an artistic measure in itself. They come in glass, metal and ceramic frames with different colored light bulbs. They can also be used to draw attention to specific side of your home office for example a side table or a small collection of books.

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