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Handy tips for great kitchen lighting

Handy tips for great kitchen lighting

You may not realize it but kitchen is probably the most frequented part of your house. You go there to fetch a glass of water, to cook meals, to have a chat with your mother and to get out snacks from the refrigerator several times a day. In addition, the lighting needs of the kitchen are diverse: task, decorative, ambient, accent, all at the same time. There are pieces like Conia Pendant Light that can account for more than one type of lighting but preparing a suitable lighted kitchen for all needs is a task and these tips will help you achieve it.

Know your dimensions

The size and dimensions of the kitchen would suggest the most likely choices for the lighting fixtures. For small kitchens, fixtures such as Tania VMC31640 Modern Circular LED Chandelier are sufficient for the general illumination while you require multiple pieces for larger spaces. A long counter top or island would require various pieces like Sonora 490/oro suspension lamp. Similarly, kitchens with some hidden spots architecturally would need light at that specific spots.


What you wish to achieve through lighting?

If you wish for a lavished and scintillating kitchen, you would need modern fixtures such as PostKrisi 0067-0068 Pendant Light that deliver a bright light and are sleek in design. You may add some mirror surfaces in the space to produce graceful reflections without glare. If you want a calming aura with lighting serving for the purpose of illumination only, you can opt for ceiling lights as your ambient light with a couple of pieces like Smithfield S Pendant Light to provide for task lighting at corners.

Layer up your lighting plan

Layering means to combine all three types of lighting coherently to prepare a dynamic package. Neither should the kitchen look cluttered with lighting fixtures nor should it feel bland. If you plan to place large, dazzling fixtures such as Mini Giogali SP 50 Pendant Light as the ambient source, you have to go with simpler options like LED track lights for the accent lighting.


Efficiency all the way

A brilliantly lit kitchen will be a pain for you if it results in high bills. Therefore, consider efficiency and cost-effectiveness when purchasing lighting pieces. What seems like a splendid light might not be able to stand a single voltage fluctuation. LED fixtures are the best in this regard: Environmental friendly and long-lasting.

Task spots

For specific kitchen tasks like cutting vegetables or baking things, you need extra lighting for which fixtures such as Nur Gloss pendant light are the best. They provide focused light, consume less space are slick in make. Accommodate these fixtures in your lighting plan as a necessity.

Decor and design

The kitchen must be adorned well for it will not only be a place your visitors will come to but also, one must feel good while cooking food. The contemporary lighting pieces like Tool Pendant Lamp are highly valued decorative options for the home owners. They can complement all sorts of ceilings and walls and augments the beauty of the kitchen even more if the closets have mirror faces in them. Care, however must be taken that decoration is not taken a tinge, too far. If you overdo, you might lose the whole benefit of these fixtures.


Keep in mind the cleaning

Some homeowners develop an exquisite kitchen with supreme lighting fixtures that are intricate in build however when they have to clean them, they complain that it takes a lot of time. Keep in mind that you have to clean the space regularly hence, select the fixtures from which dirt can be wiped off easily.
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