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Floor lamps- which and where!

Floor lamps- which and where!

Among the various lighting fixture options which include chandeliers, pendants, wall sconces and table lamps, floor lamps is a not-so-used choice. That is particularly because people don't comprehend how useful they can be. Not only do they provide the freedom of movement but add a decorative element to the room along with serving its primary purpose of providing illumination.

Arc lamps for a focused light

These lamps have a distinctive arc and are usually large in size. They can be conveniently placed beside a sofa or a reading chair to provide illumination for your nighttime novel reading in chilly winter nights. Pieces like Twiggy Floor Lamp give a mild white light which is best for such purposes. They can also be used as decorative elements in lounges and drawing rooms because their stands that come in all sorts of shapes and the sleek arc arm with a round, shiny mount meant for the light source; all give an aura of adornments.


Tripod lamps for decorative substitutes

They usually come in adjustable three-legged setup so that you can place them according to the size of your room's furniture height. Fixtures such as Diamond floor lamp are highly decorative and can be effectively used in lounge's corners as a substitute for corner stand. The only difference will be that instead of decoration pieces on the corner stand, it will be the fancy light of the lamp that will serve as the adorning feature. They are versatile enough to be placed in each room of the house and pieces like Triana Pe Floor Lamp which are shorter in stature can serve as nighttime light for your bedrooms and a source of accent lighting as well.

Torchiere lamps for adding versatility

These lamps direct light upwards and are like torches with most of the light going up on the ceiling and some reflected back from it. They are most effective for low ceiling rooms because only then would a sufficient amount of light be reflected back which can be employed for reading purposes. Fixtures such as Flare Torchiere Floor Lamp are cheaper options in this regard. There are some models that have additional sprouting of small lamps through the length of the stand. These can be placed on entrances to serve as brilliant welcoming lighting fixtures for your guests. Pieces like Art Deco AD 35 Floor Lamp are extremely sleek in design and would bestow grace to your front door. These are traditional lighting fixtures but if you can manage to integrate them with the modern furniture of your living room, it can serve as decorative element there as well. As living room opens to many of the other rooms, it can be turned on at night to be used as nighttime illumination for a large area too. 

Tiffany floor lamps for an exquisitely charming ambiance

If you are a type of person who loves to sit with family and friends at night and discuss heated events and arguments with them as your favorite past time, these lamps will be a perfect companion for you. They have colored glass joined together in a pattern which may be an abstract design or dragon flies but when turned on, a charming display is originated in the room. Pieces like Tiffany 1 Floor Lamp can be placed beside sofas where you like to have discussions. They present calmness and dedicate exquisiteness to the room. You also have the option of moving it to different parts of the house like in the entryway, on the staircase landing or in the home office as decorative fixtures or source of focused light for your dedicated tasks.


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