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Fabulous Foscarini Modern Lighting Showcase

Fabulous Foscarini Modern Lighting Showcase

Foscarini Lighting, with its international presence in over 50 different countries and 2500 locations, has been certified as the leading brand of high quality light fixtures since 1996. The company's basic principle of conducting research and development of new materials and production techniques is at its core. The company has updated its production techniques and added the latest manufacturing processes for the most modern lighting solutions. This upgrade allows Foscarini to accommodate last minute customizations for its customers. The stringent quality checks has also made them compliant with most quality and environment standards.

Foscarini's full line of modern lighting fixtures includes table lamps, floor lamps, ceiling lights, wall mounted lights and suspension lights. They also specialize in outdoor lighting solutions apart from their award winning indoor lighting solutions. Many Foscarini products are completely handcrafted and made of blown glass shades. The company has created an international presence for itself through a network of agents and distributors who market and sell the products of the company in various countries and cities. Foscarini can be found at the top events and exhibitions in the lighting industry where it showcases its upcoming collections. With cutting edge expertise Foscarini Lighting has managed to create a formidable reputation for itself. Their contemporary light fixtures have surpassed every standard of quality and beauty set in the lighting industry. The company partners with designers and design studios across the world to bring in a nice variety and freshness to its growing collections of light fixtures. The company has always believed in providing creative freedom for their designers which has allowed the company to go beyond the status quo in the industry. At, we carry the full line of Foscarini light fixtures. Browse our collection and find the right light fixture for your home or business.

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