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Exploring the diverse gamut of multi tasking lighting options

Exploring the diverse gamut of multi tasking lighting options

Modern contemporary houses are equipped with unique architectural features like hidden rooms, adjustable shelves, convertible furniture, and staircase cabinets. All these innovations resulted from booming concepts of multi-tasking and doing more with less. Contemporary lighting fixtures are not behind in this. There are countless pieces that can be used in different ways to serve different purposes.

Fixtures as decorative

Pieces like Waterloo Table Lamp can easily be mistaken as decoration pieces. These table lamps can be placed on side tables or corner shelves to be depicted as crafty adornments and can be lit at night to be your nighttime reading partner or as floating lighting fixtures in shelves. Imagine the thrill they will cast at night in the shelves. Over-sized floor lamps are another classy sect that does not fail to serve multiple purposes. They can be easily moved in whole of the room or even between rooms and adjusted to become elongated decorative when not to be used as illumination providers. waterloo_natural300ppi

Fixtures such as Mini Giogali SP 50 Pendant Light are chic pieces that can be adjusted to lunge over a table or sitting space of a lounge to provide luminescence. Alternatively, it can be placed at a corner to be exhibited as a decorative with its big lamp shade and stylishly crafted, thin arm. Pieces like PH 5 Pendant Light can be used as an alternative. They are cheaper and have fewer models. These fixtures can easily be transported to other rooms to eradicate any aura of stagnance in the house. You can put them at different places on different times to have the element of thrill in the interior design.

Outdoor options

Track spot lights are the most convincing option in this regard. Fixtures such as Obice Mini LED Outdoor Wall Light can be placed in your lawns with a wall. As the track has 3 to 4 spotlights, thus their versatility is extended. The orientation of each light can be changed to illuminate all around. You can use it in your outdoor parties to develop a majestic ambiance. It can be used as security lights and you can focus different parts of the house like the house's back wall, the front door or a servant room.

Alternatively, it can be employed to illuminate specific trees or plantations of the lawn. Instead of installing well lights for each tree, you can face the spotlight there which will deliver an overhead glow that would filter through the branches to cast an enchanting silhouette on the lawn grass. Pieces like SITRA anthracite, 1-light source Outdoor Spotlight can be attached on the front wall of the house to act as elevation lights; they can glow at night to make the house's front dazzle. And again, you can vary their orientation to employ for different causes like light for a barbecue or a late night movie screening with your friends.

Plug in fixtures to the rescue

Where power junctions are absent, plug in fixtures comes in to play. Their wires can be cleanly tracked with the wall or obscured behind some sort of furniture. The contemporary fixtures such as Glow Branco Arch Floor Lamp are manufactured with the aim to go with any type of interior; let it be a scintillating drawing room especially prepared for the guests or the calming dim bedroom, a busy TV lounge or an occasional guest room, it would augment the sleekness of all the rooms.


They help to fill up the void spaces of the room along with serving the primary purpose of illumination. These are inexpensive options to light the place up comprehensively.

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