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Expert Lighting for a Successful Trade Show Display

Expert Lighting for a Successful Trade Show Display

It's important to have good lighting when displaying goods at a trade show. It makes a tremendous difference in creating the right atmosphere or for making sure all the small details are not overlooked when creating your masterpieces. At a trade show, the lure of a properly lit table will do wonders for enticing spectators and shoppers to your area, which is the first step toward making a sale. While it can be a relatively expensive investment, it's also possible to remain budget conscious and also find acceptable lighting. Remember, if good lighting can lead to an increase in the sales of your crafts, isn't it worth the investment? While it can be overwhelming to sift through all the possibilities, especially given how wildly prices vary and how rules may vary from show to show, it is worth doing some research to figure out which options are the best for you and your crafts. For example, you may want lights that are lightweight and modular so that they're easier to ship in boxes to shows. Maybe you'd like contemporary styling, such as a silver or black. And maybe you'd like a special lighting effect to make your booth unique and attract attention.

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Choosing Light Fixtures and Bulbs

Many people go first for fixtures and then choose a bulb based on the fixture, but many in the business would suggest doing the opposite. Since the fixture is really just means to hold your bulb, it's recommended that the bulb itself should drive your choice of fixture. Depending on available choices, however, this may not be possible and may have to be the other way around.

Halogen bulbs are often chosen by trade show exhibitors, as they offer a crisp, white light, generating light using a thin filament wire made of tungsten and heated to white by passing an electric current through it. They differ significantly from traditional incandescent bulbs because their filament is surrounded by halogen gases that let the filaments operate at higher temperatures, the end result being a higher light output per watt. In addition, the bulbs have a much extended lifespan and emit a whiter light that provides better color rendition, which is important for highlight and bringing out the true colors of crafts.

Flood lights are also often recommended to provide a contemporary look which can be ideal for jewelry and glass crafts. In addition, there are many ideas for accent lighting, such as LEDs. While these wouldn't be economical for lighting an entire booth, they can be great to highlight particular pieces and to give maximum sparkle and scintillation to products. Other factors to be considered are track lighting and where to purchase lights for ease of replacement and assistance. In addition, when shopping for track lights, you'll have the choice between 12-volt and 120-volt fixtures. 120 is the standard voltage that comes into most homes and convention centers. While the 12-volt fixtures are more energy efficient, they also require a transformer to convert the 120-volt household current to 12 volts, which may require hardwiring. A 12-volt fixture does, however, accommodate very efficient bulbs that offer a variety of wattages and beam spreads, so they're still something to consider. Regardless of your trade or craft, when you're looking to light a booth for trade shows, these are important decisions that are not to be overlooked, as they can make the difference between good and great work and between a few sales and many sales.

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