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Pendant lights are lone light fixtures, which hang from the ceiling usually suspended by a cord, chain or metal rod. Due to the variety of materials that can be mixed in the production of pendant lights, they're in, almost all the time and you can choose them to light almost any indoor or outdoor space.

The hanging structure can be metallic or wooden and you can adjust it according to the height of the room, and the furniture that is placed under it. Moreover, due to the multitude of materials that are used these days to create the lampshades, starting with paper, jute, and ending with cotton and hemp, the options from which you can choose when purchasing pendant lights are almost endless.

Nevertheless, when choosing to bright up an office, a room or a beautiful patio or outdoor space, there are certain issues that have to be considered in order for the lighting pieces to fit in or make a statement.

Pendant lights in your rooms

Depending on the surface and height of the room, pendant lights could be used in almost room of your house. As lone fixtures or in sets of three, four, five or even six lights, these pieces can brighten up your modern and minimalist living room, your hallway or even your study.

Charlotte S3L/S5L Pendant Light System by De Majo

The pendant lights with metallic structure and glass, paper or cotton lampshades are perfect for modern and minimalist interiors. As their length can be adjusted, you might be able to use them anywhere. But as a piece of advice, that you should keep in mind when choosing these lighting structures, it is very important that they have a decent length in order for them to look as they should, look good. If the cord is too short, they will look weird and you might regret choosing such structures.

Placed above the dining table, the kitchen counters (when placed in the middle of the room), these pendant lights are perfect and will add a touch of elegance to the place.

Still, there is one room where I would not recommend these lighting structures, and this is the bedroom. Not only because I could not see such lights above the bed but also due to the fact that I usually see them placed in the middle of the ceiling, which from my point of view would not mix with the whole bedroom idea.

Pendant lights in conference rooms or offices

Suitable for commercial spaces, pendant lights are the perfect lighting structures when it comes to conference rooms and offices. Minimalist and modern or classic decorated, both offices and conference rooms would benefit greatly from the light added by these lighting structures.

Drop 2 Long 5 Pendant Light

For the modern decorated spaces I would choose structures with metallic hanging cords, and for the classic decorated the wooden structures would be just perfect. The suitable lampshades for these rooms would be the ones made out of glass, spun aluminium, cotton or even white or cream paper.

Pendant lights in the patio

The indoor is not the only space where pendant lights fit perfectly, outdoor can benefit from the light of these structures as well. But here I would recommend that you choose only lone light fixtures, not only because from my point of view the outdoor is meant to have diffuse light but also because there aren't many structures with sets of more than one or two lights for the outdoor.

Wooden structures mixed with jute and hemp lampshades, would be the perfect addition to your patio, the addition that brightens every summer or autumn evening spent with friends in the middle of the nature.

All in all, pendant lights are a must have of any season and a great addition to any room. Depending on your choice, these structures can blend in or be the focus point of the entire room.


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