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Enhancing Your Backyard Landscape Through Colorful Lighting

Enhancing Your Backyard Landscape Through Colorful Lighting

Here at Interior Deluxe we value the client's needs and product quality more then anything, our products are meant to enhance and emphasize the habitats in which they will reside and improve your living quality in ensemble. With this thought in mind, dictating every endeavor,we will try and discuss a little about your backyard and or front lawn. We all spend a good amount of time in our gardens enhancing our ensemble design through greenery, nourishing and rejuvenating the aesthetic values along with the air we breath. Further on we will present you the three most important spaces in which you should consider installing a shiver of light meant to potentate your design especially when the sun drops and the peace is spread, the intimacy and tranquility elevated.


#1 Pool Lighting

The swimming pool is definitely the best reason to be out in the evening after a long tiresome day. Swimming pool lighting can come in handy whether you are a late night swimmer or you are just casting a glance at the serum mirroring the skies. Through a Waterproof Floating Pool Lamp you can ensure a wide visibility or a dim light in certain focal points or swimming objectives in your course. An useful and rather pragmatic idea would be to use it on the stairs of the swimming pool if this area is not already illuminated.

waterproof-floating-pool-lamp (1) waterproof-floating-pool-lamp

#2 Patio Lighting

The exterior core of our social entertaining activities surrounding the swimming pool, that is what the patio is. Illuminated in a ambient lighting for a late intimate dinner or enlighten for a bigger group of people this certain area must be safe for use. We should be able to enjoy this small part of backyard more then any other. Here we will tie connections and live joyful moments.


#3 Vegetation Lighting

Enhancing greenery through light, emphasizing textures and manipulating colors, changing perspectives and offering depth to immersive lust vegetation is simply breathtaking. This is indeed more of a fad superficial investment but it`s without a doubt the most luxuriant and reward-full . Through a simple Blow Outdoor Lamp you can cast a dim light underneath your plants and generate magnificent snapshots that will surely amaze your audience. There are definitely more luxurious methods that you can embrace into backyard landscaping design : you can use lamps with timers to create a story to narrate something or match your special moment with the loved one; you can change the colors according to your mood or make them match the drinks that you are enjoying with your party remotely. Imagination has no limits and the time spent in your backyard and its grace should continue after sunset, you should enhance your landscape with proper lighting. We would love to hear your about your own projects in the comment section below and about how you think a night garden should look.

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Jennie - January 4, 2020

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John Denny - January 4, 2020

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Luxury outdoor curtains - January 4, 2020

This is great. Lights are definitely awesome, especially if you put them properly. We sell luxury outdoor curtains and we found that finding the right lightning color or strength can change your patio from boring to simply amazing. We added while light string to one of our customer’s curtains and the white was awful. it did not match the color of the drapes and the pool reflect it badly. So we add a yellow light string and that changed everything it was great and gave a different style. Highly recommended to add light in your backyard.

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Jeff - January 4, 2020

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Green Outdoor Lighting - January 4, 2020

Any contractor can install a few cheap light fixtures and pull you out of the dark. But what makes the difference between a good job and a great one? Your landscape could “Add a whole new light” with Green Outdoor Lighting low-voltage landscape lighting system.

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