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Designing an Enchanting Entryway

Designing an Enchanting Entryway

Your beautiful house deserves a grand entrance. The very significant and eye-catching entryway to your home gives the guests their first impressions of how your interior space is designed, so whether you go for bold colors to make a statement, or wish to balance out the subtle hues, lighting you choose sets the tone.

Here are some pro tips to follow.

Keep it Proportional

It would help if you always remember when styling your entryway with different fixtures, that the essential thing is scaling your room before purchasing and installing fixtures. Think about the room's height, its functionality, whether it's wholly furnished or partially furnished, and if it has art pieces and visual cues. When you are done figuring the technicalities out, try adding pieces like Acorn Pendant Light, which can bring a good symmetry. It would be best to include ceiling fixtures like semi flush mounts, hanging rod lights, and track lighting. They can become a very smart way to add visual interest to your entryway by creating versatility while keeping the lighting proportional. Don’t forget, a balanced and proportional entryway has loads of natural appeal, which can bring the right vim and vigor to your entrance.

When designing lighting for spaces, size matter a lot. For tall or wide foyers, it is best to use pieces like Bell Pendant light, which can bring the right amount of light and focus to the central point – fixtures such as Floatation Pendant Light. Even if your entryway is not the largest, your lighting fixture needs to be at least 7' from the floor.

Set Just the Right Tone

Don't limit yourself to scaling the heights and widths of your room only. Consider what lighting temperature and mood you want to set in your entryway. It could be dull and dramatic, or sharp and piercing – there are no strict set of rules; however, it's best to choose tones that complement your entryway's environment.

Pieces like Delight Wall Sconce can work well in narrow spaces as they can enhance the room by providing the right amount of light, especially if it has LED bulbs installed. Furthermore, wall sconces add a welcoming glow to the entryway, without putting too much focus on one specific object in the room. Whereas, contemporary pieces can dull down bigger rooms through dim light and subtle tones. A pro tip would be to install dimmers, so you can manually adjust your entryway's lighting according to the event.

Browse Through Endless Style

Never settle for the first fixture you like for your entryway. No one is stopping you from choosing the perfect lighting, even if it means browsing through endless designs and lighting styles.

Since most entryway lights are a single, decorative overhead fixtures, it's best to choose pieces that embody your style and capture your house's environment.

If you're looking for a bold and glamorous look, which will become the central focus of the entryway, look for an elegant crystal piece. However, if you wish to add a more modern outlook with sleek lines, go for fixtures such as Drop LED Pendant light instead. In case you want to envision a more energetic look for your house, choose pieces which will appeal to the eye and add texture to the entire hallway.

Whatever you choose, shift through different designs available, according to your room's dimensions. If your entryway is the typical household space of 75 square feet, install pieces of around 12" to 18" diameter, as they will provide symmetry and proportion to your room. Keep the same ratio when adjusting according to your entryway's dimensions.

Entryway lighting does not have to blend the same way as other overhead lighting do, so you have ample room to test your creativity and create a fusion setup from tradition, contemporary, or bold styles, which best fit the representation of your house.




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