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Decorating your kitchen using lighting fixtures

Decorating your kitchen using lighting fixtures

If you are a homeowner that loves hosting, cooking or simply hanging out in your kitchen, it's very important that the room is well lit. And while that doesn't mean that you need bright surgical lights hung from your ceiling, the lighting in this part of your home should be bright enough so that you can see what you are cooking and who you are socializing with. Consider, for example, hanging a lighting fixture over your dining area. This will help to separate it from the cooking area of the kitchen.

According to most interior decorators and lighting experts, dining room ceiling fixtures should be 12 inches narrower than the top of the dining table. To accent the ambient light of a chandelier, try using recessed downlights on a dimmable separate circuit. Doing so will help draw attention to beautiful centerpieces or other sophisticated accents you would like dinner guests to notice. In addition, try using reflector bulbs for recessed downlights to highlight your kitchen cabinets. Decorators recommend placing these bulbs six to eight feet apart from each other for even illumination. If you would like to save money on your next electric bill, try using LED lighting, such as one that can be placed over your kitchen counter top. Energy experts from LightComp LED Corp. say that LED lights are designed to to provide of 100,000 hours of light - that's 11 years of continuous illumination and 22 years of 50 percent operation.

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