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Creating different dinner themes with transportable lighting fixtures

Creating different dinner themes with transportable lighting fixtures

Gracefully illuminated dining rooms are the pinnacle in giving a warm reception to your guests. What's special about this piece is that it highlights the lighting options that you can employ immediately to create an elegant ambiance on side of the already existing lighting fixtures. Simply put, it will brief you about certain transportable and reusable lighting pieces which can be used in the development of diverse dining room lighting themes so let's get started.

Table lamps as an easy answer

The most straightforward fixtures to be used for dining table lighting are the table lamps. A transitionally styled lamp placed in the middle of the table with a circular table cloth underneath can fill the room with a grandiose aura. Ancient royal families used to have dinners in the exact same fashion. Be sure that the lamp is not blindingly bright but relaxing in nature. Pieces like Little Crush II Table Lamp are perfect for modern dining room lighting as they are furnished with a simplified design and hence emit low-intensity light.


On the contrary, bright-lighted lamps can be made dimmer by using fogged glass lamp shades for dining room lighting. Not only can this scheme be used as synonymous to candlelit dinners but will be an elegant setup with an overhead lighting as well. You also need to adjust the size of the central table lamp with the shape of your dining table: opt for a smaller one if the table is circular and you wish to adopt a slightly contemporary tone for modern dining room lighting, further choose slightly spherical pieces like Cauldron Table Lamp for rectangular ones. The second option is more unique: Often, dining rooms are accessorized with buffet or drinks space. They don't necessarily have to be embellished with classy decoration pieces but can be availed to spread extra accent lighting in the room for dining room lighting. If space is near the dining table, place a pair of mid-century or Banker's lamps on it so that a whole of the table is weakly illuminated by them.

Get the most out of battery-powered LED fixtures

Contemporary LED fixtures come in all builds and styles; they are available as floor fixtures, as table pieces and ones with armed extensions too. Twist LED floor lamps and glass balls can be positioned at a specific part of the room to emit rays of pure class and subtleness. Fixtures such as Rio Pendant Light SP 8/244 can be quick points of focus for your guests and can also play their part to hide that part of a wall with scraped off paint or fun graffiti done by your little kids. Further, they are a great option for the dining room chandelier. The same effect can be achieved on the dining table specifically but with the selection of smaller fixtures. If the size of the table is large, two to three glass balls with varying but compatible lights could be placed, on the contrary, a single dining room chandelier would perfectly serve the purpose if the dining table is smaller in size.

Consider fixtures such as Saint Louis Pendant Light SP 8/503 specifically for this because they are not only reasonably-priced but can go with any sort of furniture.. Remember, modern dining room lighting is an intricate amalgamation of multiple options carefully put together.  

Floor lamps for task lighting

The last, more task-lighted option is a floor lamp. Their versatility lies in their ease to be moved all around the room. If you are having a midnight dinner with all lights switched off, it can be moved close to the dining table for providing sufficient illumination or if you are having a cup of coffee with your guests; it can be moved beside the sofas or chairs you are sitting on. Fixtures such as Diva Floor lamp can be used for dining room lighting because of their chic demeanor.

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