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Corner Lighting lends a sleek feel to the space

Corner Lighting lends a sleek feel to the space

It is a norm to think about the ceiling and wall lighting of a room, be it adding wall sconces on a single decorative wall of the bedroom or placing dual chandeliers in the living rooms but there is another point in the room which can be utilized gracefully: the corners. Yes, corners of the room are usually utilized for placing furniture or corner stands but adding lighting fixtures there will do wonders but how?

Lining corners with pendants

Pendants at these points need to be closer to the floor than the general ceiling pendants. This will differentiate it from the standard use of pedant lights and would signify the corner even more. Its up to you to chose between the styles that go down the floor or those that end up in the middle of the wall. Fixtures such as Artist Pendant Light have long strings and can go all the way down to the floor. They could be placed in living rooms with great effect as it would be prominent at day as well or in the bedrooms with one connecting wall having a window and the other the smallest wall of the room. There shouldn't be any other item close to such fixtures in a range of at least 4 feet from both sides because only then, can they shine with prominence.

You can choose shorter pendants as well. There could be a small sitting table on the corner and it could be illuminated by dome shaped pieces like Biluna S70 Pendant Light. This combination is perfect for kitchens or home offices. They would give rooms a wider perspective as well. As small corner stand or decoration piece is usually placed in lounges and drawing rooms. What you can add to augment the elegance of this corner is adding fixtures such as Smithfield S Pendant Light on the top of the ceiling here. You can also employ the use of wall mirrors with corner pendant lights to create a charming effect. It would reflect the light from the mirror surfaces and spread it to different parts of the room.

Versatile floor lamps

Normal or over-sized floor lamps are the second method we propose in utilizing the corners. Adjustable tripod lamps can serve as reading lamps beside sofas in a lounge. Beautiful pieces like Ktribe F2 Floor Lamp can serve for dual purposes of decoration and illumination. Another option could be large arc lamps which are only suitable for large rooms like drawing rooms or special rooms like guest rooms. There large, sleek arcs make room's low ceilings look higher and it bestows the space with a gentle and subtle adorning effect. You can move it to different corners of the room to see which spot suits best for it.

Fixtures such as Prisma Ouro Floor Lamp are perfect amalgamation of light and dark color, and can be used effectively with all wall colors. A third option is to place tower lamps in TV lounge's corner. It appears to be a sculpture when not turned on and transform to a unique lamp with a soothing light when turned on. Pieces like Vertigo floor lamp are brilliant options because it contains shelves to place decoration pieces on them and can be used as for dual purposes.

The chic statement lighting

These lighting fixtures are primarily designed to lend slickness to any room. Characterized with decorative features like crafty design, glossy surfaces and uncommon styles, these pieces would blow life into your corner. Pieces like 9905 Plano Torchiere with Reading Arm are highly stylish yet affordable options in this regard. You can also add a dramatic effect by adding LED fixtures with colored glass.

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