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Contemporary Living Room Designs

Contemporary Living Room Designs

When looking to upgrade your living room design to a contemporary style there are a number of aspects of the design to consider before you get started. The contemporary design consists of basic and simple designs with clean lines and sharp edges. Colors should be neutral with accents of lighting, both natural and artificial. There are many ways to vary the contemporary living room designs in order to make it feel more like your own style rather than a blanketed generic style. If you are interested in designing your living room in a contemporary style then you should focus on basic and simple furniture, neutral colors on the walls, and accenting focus points of the room through modern lighting.
piano room with modern wall sconce living room with modern wall sconce

Contemporary Living Room Furniture

Contemporary living room furniture is easy to find because of the inherent simple and understated nature of the design. Contemporary furniture should be a solid neutral color and not have any distinguishable print. Traditionally, contemporary furniture is big and bulky with large padded sections. Even though there are large padded sections, the lines on the furniture are still straight and clean and create a uniform look to the room. Contemporary living room furniture is fashionable and functional to the highest degree because today they often offer a significant amount of storage added to the living room. There are uniquely designed pieces that are very creative and still can be considered to be in the contemporary design realm; however, it is suggested that each room only have one accent piece of furniture as the more wildly designed pieces in one single room, the further you get from true contemporary design.

Contemporary Living Room Colors

When it comes to the walls, you should be considering solid colors that are in the neutral family. Neutral wall colors include white, black, metals, and colors in the beige family. There are some exceptions to this rule; however, if you choose a color outside of the neutral family then it has to be grey-scale or muted in order to still look contemporary. Furthermore, it is commonly acceptable to have a printed accent wall; however, the print has to be in the neutral family and also have large basic design in order to still be considered contemporary.

Contemporary Living Room Lighting

Finally, when creating contemporary living room designs, you should be accenting the focus points of the room through lighting. There are various types of lighting fixtures that you can choose from that will help you to accent the room properly while staying within the contemporary guidelines. Some of the best lighting options for this goal design are under cabinet lighting, recess lighting, pendant lighting, and track lighting. Each of these unique types of lighting sources creates a different look for each desired area to be illuminated. You can create a unique aesthetic appearance strictly through the use of lighting in the living room. Obviously your needs for certain fixtures will change based on the amount of natural light that you get in the room, the time of day, and the architecture of the room. Therefore, it is recommended to install a dimmer for each of the fixture systems.
modern living room with contemporary table lamp

If you are upgrading your living room to a contemporary living room design then there are a number of elements that you should keep in mind in order to achieve this look. Your furniture choices should be simple, and basic and have clean lines with sharp edges. The colors that you choose for your walls should be neutral. Remember, an accent wall is okay and it can even be printed but the color should still be in the neutral family, and if there is print then it should be large and understated.

Finally, you should accent the room through lighting for truly contemporary living room designs.

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