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Common Mistakes we all make while choosing LED Lights

Common Mistakes we all make while choosing LED Lights

Buying LED lights instead of conventional lighting fixtures is a norm these days. Not only is this new breed of lights environmental friendly but also happens to be pocket friendly. The temptation to go to stores and purchase a chic looking LED fixture sometimes proves disastrous afterwards. So here is a list of common mistakes usually while shopping for LED lights.

The advantage is not that advantageous

LED lights have increased adequacy than the traditional fixtures but the problem is the glare, especially in spaces that were previously meant for non-LED fixtures. Pieces like Orten'zia Table Lamp give a dazzle that is not suitable for every angle of the room. We often just test the fixtures for hardware faults. Instead, they should be placed at the installation spots and examined for cohesiveness with the interior.


Also, don't rely blindly on marketing pictures alone: the snaps might be taken from a different angle. Fixtures such as Kelly Mini Sphere Table Lamp are ideal for large rooms but render an exceedingly glistening glow for a smaller area.

Be knowledgeable

It is you who will buy the LED lights ultimately hence you have to decide what the best is. The average life of a LED light is 50,000 hours but those with imperfect chips do not complete their lives and start giving deteriorated shine after some thousand hours. Commit yourself into buying quality LED lights to take full benefit of these. Pieces like Baia LED Recessed Light are fitted with supreme controllers and can endure repetitive tripping as well.


Another error that customers often make is to purchase incompatible light drivers. The fixtures start flickering, if fitted this way and may cause strain to sensitive eyes and later on migraines. Fixtures such as Sun LED Recessed Light are efficient choices but should be connected using matching drivers. Quality assurance is part of customer's responsibility as well. Stamps of tests such as UL (Underwriters laboratories) are imprinted on well-manufactured LED fixtures such as Luna LED Table Lamp.


The ideal time period for replacement of LED lights is 10 years. If you are installing a complete scheme of pieces like Contour LG Table Lamp, bear in mind that you have to invest the same or a much greater amount than now when the time of replacement arrives. A safe practice is to integrate traditional lighting with LED lights to take advantages from both types and have knowledge of the issues that arise using them.

Contour Floor Lamp by Pablo Designs

With technology accelerating at a feverish pace, it is quite likely that the lights you are placing today will become outmoded after 10 years so you have to start over from a brand new plan then. When looking for a lighting plan, consult an interior designer or a lighting expert on your future plan. This would help you in organizing an effectual plan spanning long term goals.

Color temperatures are crucial

Kelvin scale and LED lights are synonymous to each other. The requirement of a specific color temperature LED light will vary from location to location. 2700K bulbs are orange in color and would go pleasantly well in outdoor lawns. You have to go higher up from 5000K to get bluish-white glow. These LED lights are installed in rooms, offices or exhibition stands. Pieces like DNA Table Lamp are excellent choices in this class.

DNA Table Lamp by Next

Apart from being long lasting, they are also available with dimmers and differing styles and designs that can be chosen to uplift the elegance of the space. Different color temperature LED lights can be used together to cast a magical glow on spots such as corners of the bedroom or walls of the outdoor yard.

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