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Choosing an ideal wall sconce

Choosing an ideal wall sconce

Whether you want to take some pressure off the primary ambient lighting fixture in your living room, highlight an exquisite painting or add a decorative touch to your bedroom; wall sconces can serve the purpose with supreme effect. When searching for the right wall sconces, here are some factors to consider.

Desired effect

What is the type of look you wish to achieve through these fixtures? Wall sconces come in various designs and can make a room look dazzling, cozier, larger or aesthetically appealing. Ensure the effect you require and then purchase, otherwise you will be baffled as to what to buy and what to reject. Fixtures such as Dogi wall sconce (long) with a downward glow can make a room feel cozy. The holding arm in the shape of an arc is an additional decorative element apart from the shape of the fixture.

Pieces like Formosa wall sconce with an upward glow can make a room look bigger than its actual size. The lower it is placed, the higher and wider the light will spread. It can be used in conjunction with another to cast a magical effect in any room. Pieces like Moo wall sconce offer light in both directions and are ideally used in hallways or outdoor walls. The royal aura it delivers and the calmness it propagates have made it a popular choice in the contemporary lighting schemes.

Positioning is significant

The lighting has a direct connection with the position it is placed at. Many lighting experts get paid thousands of dollars to tell people the most suitable place for placing their lighting fixtures; such is the significance of positioning. You should not place a down light wall sconce too low on the walls or it loses its effect greatly. Similarly, you must not add an up light wall sconce too high on the wall. The rule of placement varies with the room you are fixing walls sconces in.


Fixtures such as Fairy Wall Light must be added on both sides of the bathroom mirror; that is its best position. In hallways or living rooms, a general rule of thumb is to place them at least 5 feet above the ground because a person of average height must not see the bulb in the sconce. The spacing can vary between 4-6 feet if you are employing it for ambient lighting. However, these rules change with variable ceiling and wall heights. If you are adding wall sconces in your landscape lighting plan, pieces like TMM Metalico Wall Sconce can be an attractive source of task lighting but you have to place it where is prominent to get full advantage from it as they are both: a lighting source and an adornment.

A bucket of applications

The type of application changes the selection of the suitable walls sconce consequently. If you want to use them as task lighting in your bedroom office table or at outdoor entrance besides a wooden hanging, you should opt for pieces like Crystalry Wall Sconce which uplift the tempo of the space, and come in a ton of different variants.

If you have a vacant living room wall and are out of ideas about the way to design it, pieces like Sonja Wall Sconce with LED Reading Light - Round can be very helpful. They are aesthetically majestic, large in size and can blend well with any color of walls. If you want to add symmetry in any part of the room, adding pieces like Diadema Wall Sconce on each side of a feature will help create that effect. It may be a painting, a TV, a fireplace or even a door opening.

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