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Choosing a Utopian high end lighting fixture

Choosing a Utopian high end lighting fixture

High end lighting fixtures have always been a fascination for households, those shimmering chandeliers and scintillating sconces are often used as statement pieces in luxurious settings and they single handedly elevate the stature of a space. High end contemporary lighting fixtures possess the uncanny ability to standout even in the most casual of settings, and this is perhaps the reason behind that hefty price tag. However in order to play around with these highly coveted pieces, one must do his homework, as where a right piece cranks up the ambiance of a space, a wrong piece brings the whole place down. Hence before heading out for shopping you must consider following factors.

Add Layers

Perfect lighting seems a far fetched notion; however it is not completely un-achievable. In fact the secret lies in layering, instead of relying on single design or technique, you must try mixing up different designs. For instance for your living room you could have ambient lighting, this includes overhead fixtures such as chandeliers and pendants alongside conventional track lighting. This not only covers your basic lighting needs, but high end pieces such as Cut Surface wall sconce and Candles And Spirits 120 Chandelier - Round are ideal for your living area and would aid in uplifting the tempo of contemporary setting. Now top this off with task lighting; under counter lights and floor lamps would add an edgy texture to your setting and would further assist you in spot lighting a particular area. Super Archimoon indoor floor lamp is a great option, if you are seeking a statement piece. floor-lamp-superarchimoon-flos-3

Dimmers are important

Everyone likes to control the mood of their space, and hence you must install dimmers in each room. These little gadgets empower and spoil you, as they lend you the authority to set space mood. Henceforth never shy away from installing dimmers, even if you feel that a space doesn't necessarily need dimmers, still you should install them as you never know, when you might feel their need.

Pop up the colors

High end lighting fixtures are great for enhancing colors, and hence if you are to use some high end pieces you might as well use them in places where they would aid in accentuating colors of respective art pieces and decor items. Edge pendant light is a great piece when it comes to color enhancement, if deployed in the right spot, it has the potential to uplift the spirit of the entire space. Moreover pieces like Pipe pendant light help in showcasing your artwork and if you happen to have some renowned masterpieces, you might as well shed some spotlight on these.

Energy Efficiency

High end lighting fixtures usually are energy efficient, and it is one of their standout features. Energy efficient high end lighting fixtures are in high demand these days, hence if a lighting fixture is not energy efficient and comes with conventional lighting system, chances are that it is mock-up and you should watch out for such pieces. Giogali SP 80 chandelier is a great fixture for your dining space, it is energy efficient and offers that oomph which you so yearn for. 

Giogali SP 80 Chandelier by Vistosi

Spread them out

In compact spaces such as in study rooms and kitchens, we often make the mistake of illuminating specific sections of the space, however one must refrain from such practices. As compact spaces offer more room for experimentation, you could use accent and task lights separately for different sections, it would not only give you more lighting options but would also add up your space aesthetics. High End lighting fixtures are not all about glimmer and grandeur, they are much more than that; however it is up to you how you use them in your given setting.
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