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Chic Look For Home Library Through Cozy Lighting

Chic Look For Home Library Through Cozy Lighting

If you are a reading fanatic who has a treasure of books to read, why not create a dedicated room to carry all the books instead of assembling heaps in different parts of the house. Home libraries have been conventionally thought as extra rooms but their existence is now becoming popular as a norm. This may also be a spot where you rush to seek refuge from the noisy and happening surroundings hence home libraries lighting should be such that it caters all your needs.

Layout before execution

You must be familiar with the placement of cupboards, book shelves, reading table and extra sitting space if any before you prepare a plan to light the library. The lighting should allow both schemes of bright and mild to co-exist.


The book shelves will be plenty so you may need a plan of illuminating them as well. Apart from the ambient lighting with fixtures such as Blom Table Lamp, you have to come up with options of accent lighting to aid you in everyday tasks like reading, writing and task lighting for highlighting a specific portion of a library along with making the most of available natural light.

Ambient Lighting

The general luminescence will be provided by the ambient lighting. The obvious option is the ceiling lights. Long gone are the times when tube lights were used for general illumination. Nowadays, pieces like Pirce pendant light have replaced them. These LED fixtures take less space and are more energy-efficient. Semi flush mounts is another option. They are available in spectacular frames and artistic designs.

Fixtures such as Lacrima Pendant Light can light up the room conveniently along with providing an ornamental touch. If you have a somewhat larger space, you can opt for the chandeliers and pendants as well. Their names alone are enough to lend chic feel to the room. Find the ones that are smaller in size. Pieces like Drop pendant light are good choices in this regard. Ensure that the placement of these hanging pieces would not hamper your movement when you move up the ladder to get a book from the highest shelf.

Accent Lighting

Everyday library tasks involve reading and writing. Layering is a charming concept in lighting. Although ambient lighting provides ample light for your reading needs but adding a layer of accent lighting would serve as a render for stylishness. Table lamps are the basic fixture for these tasks. Designs with frosted glass, shades and sleek extensions can make your reading experience an enjoyable one. Fixtures such as Little Crush II Table Lamp come with a dimmer effect so you can alter the intensity according to your need.


Wall sconces can be placed too. This would free up the table space which the lamp consumed. There is an endless list to choose from: traditional, transitional, metallic, large and the list go on. We would recommend pieces like TMM Metalico Wall Sconce because they offer light without glare and are smaller in size. They can also be attached with the cupboards to illuminate the shelves too.

Task Lighting

Home libraries, as mentioned before, may be used as spots of solitude. A dedicated corner with a fixture such as Sonora 490/oro suspension lamp provides a soft glow and a relaxing feel which accounts for a soothing space. You might want to highlight some shelves containing dignified decoration pieces. Pieces like Dome Pendant Light - Black can be used for such purposes. They are cheap and can easily fit in smaller spots. You can adopt line lighting if your pocket allows you to. They would gracefully light the dedicated shelves in the dark which will enhance the elegance of your decorative belongings.
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