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Choosing the perfect chandelier for Living Room

Choosing the perfect chandelier for Living Room

All of us have had our fair share of fixation with chandeliers; there is something about these vintage themed lighting pieces, which attracts us towards them. All these years and they still remain the most sought after lighting fixtures of all times. With the dawn of 21st century, pendants rose to fame, however even the swift rise of this futuristic and sometimes industrious pieces could not eclipse the sheer aura and persona of mighty chandeliers. Living room serves as the perfect space in contemporary settings for chandeliers and here are a few tips which might help you in getting the ideal chandelier for your living room.

Size is crucial

One aspect which is normally neglected while hunting for a classic chandelier is that people tend to overlook the size aspect of the piece. It is important for you to take into account the size of the room, as only then would you be able to choose a perfect chandelier for that specific space. In case of living rooms the good thing is that you have the luxury to play around a bit, you could go for pieces like Tania Trio VMC32500 Modern Three-Tier LED Chandelier which are not that large but their sophisticated demeanor is what sets them apart from their contemporaries. On the flip side you also have the option of bulky pieces like Astro 65/80 Chandelier which fit the ideal definition of a chandelier.

Dimensions are important

For living room remember the general rule of thumb, which states that for every foot of ceiling height you must add two to three inches in the chandelier height. This rule would aid you in getting the perfect height for your piece. However, this is not a rule which you must abide by religiously, as there are certain pieces which offer you leverage and you could play around with height a bit, but that once again depends on a number of factors, which include the placement of the piece and movement around the spot.  

Avoid the glamour

This is perhaps the most important point when it comes to living room chandeliers, you must be careful as living room is a space which has a casual vibe to it, and no matter how formal the overall ambiance of the house is; living room always remains a bit toned down space. Since it is the most readily used space of the house, hence you must avoid from flashy pieces, instead you should try pieces such as Tania VMC34911/VMC34912 Modern Circular LED Chandelier and Vertigo LED Chandelier, as they are subtle in color and lend a futuristic feel.

LED Chandeliers are the way forward

LED chandeliers have truly revolutionized the modern chandelier industry and they are in high demand, primarily owing to their energy saving characteristics. Pieces like Lederam Manta LED S1 Chandelier and Dione 800 Chandelier come with an in-built dimmer, which allows you to set the mood of the room through lighting; this feature alone uplifts their stature in the pecking order. Moreover small pieces like Orbit LED Chandelier would not only save you money but also aid you in keeping the space minimalistic.

Hence if you are not fond of cluttering the space with bulky pieces then small LED chandeliers like Whorl LED Chandelier could surely save your day.  Moreover LED chandeliers also take less energy, hence if you want to fight climate change, this is your chance to make the difference in the community. Remember small actions like this go a long way.

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