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Chandelier Buying Guide

Chandelier Buying Guide

Chandelier is much more than an illumination piece, the bulky and sturdy build of these ornaments imparts a royal and exquisite feel to your home decor. In fact many households tend to overlook the importance of chandeliers in their interior décor. However you don't need to worry anymore as here we'd be sharing some handy tips which would help you in choosing the right chandelier for your space.

Where you want to hang your chandelier

First and foremost point is to determine the spot for your chandelier, since these elegant pieces come in all shapes and sizes, hence you don't need to worry about where you've got to fix one. You first choose the place and then you can decide what sort of piece would suit that spot. For instance if you are looking for a bedroom chandelier, then you might like pieces such as Murano 972/8 Chandelier, on the contrary if you are looking for something for your TV lounge, then you might like something on the lines of Fiorella Mini Chandelier and Heracleum II Pendant Light. Hence you first choose the spot and then you move on to the fixture, don’t try to do this other way around as it would only complicate things for you. fiorella-mini-suspension-b

Picking the appropriate style

Chandelier must complement the overall theme of the space, it should not come across as an out of the place piece. Moreover it should not be overwhelming, as most people tend to go overboard with chandeliers, yes, it should be your central piece, however it should not have an overpowering presence. If you want a chic feel for your cozy space then you might like pieces such as Niagara chandelier - medium SP H/236 and PH Snowball Pendant light. However if you are one for the bulky pieces then you might like Hope D66/105 Pendant Light as it lends vintage and rustic feel to the space.

Modern Chandeliers

Chandeliers could be used for both ambient and task lighting, if you want to install an LED chandelier on top of your kitchen island then it would serve as a task lighting piece, moreover if you install a chandelier in a bathroom it would be more of decoration piece.  Therefore it is important that you understand your needs before you head out for chandelier shopping. LED chandeliers are most desirable when it comes to TV lounges and casual sitting areas.

Entrance way chandeliers are also in high demand

Entrance of your place, must set the mood tone for anyone arriving at your place. Your guests should get an idea of what to expect as soon as they pass through your entrance. Therefore these days people tend to install hefty pieces at entrance pathways, to impart a grandiose feel to the place. If you like such styles, then pieces like Zettelz 5 Chandelier should be your go-to options as they are more likely to lend a trendy feel to your space without being overpowering. They complement your overall ambiance and set the tone for the rest of your space. hope-pendelleuchte-ambiente4 Chandeliers are in fashion these days and their importance could not be overstressed in the contemporary era, however it remains a delicate domain and hence demands smart approach. You could play around with different sizes and shapes, however too much experimentation could also come across as a major push-over.
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