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Celebrity-Inspired Luxury Kitchen Upgrades

Celebrity-Inspired Luxury Kitchen Upgrades

kitchen The kitchen is the heart of a home, where friends and family laugh, eat and entertain. Even brewing a cup of coffee in the morning or snacking on a pre-made salad surrounded by exemplary cooking features and glamorous decor become pleasurable experiences. Need inspiration to design your dream culinary space? Check out how Hollywood stars celebrate their own luxury kitchen designs:

Luxury Kitchen Design Tips

Most top-of-the-line kitchens fall into a couple of categories. Clear counter spaces and clean, simple lines are a favorite among modernists and those who prefer a stainless steel or marble look. Others with a warmer approach to decorating may include antique appliances and other charming upgrades to make their kitchens inviting. A luxury kitchen can make an optimal impression at amazing dinner parties, and technology features infuse a kitchen with functionality. A flat screen television, digital oven or refrigerator and temperature-regulated wine storage are essential. While an electric knife sharpener and high-tech fountain drink dispenser make entertaining for friends and colleagues a breeze. In a kitchen with an understated style, the technological features are masked behind antique or traditional exteriors. A sub-zero refrigerator, for example, could be encased with a porcelain exterior and a digital television could be recessed into a wall to avoid detracting from an antique or classic decor. Views of the ocean or the vast outdoor space nearby add a serene touch to kitchens of the wealthy and high-profile classes. Brad Pitt's eat-in dining area is separated from his home's waterfront view with a garage-door style glass window. Not living in a beach house? Hang ocean wall art or adorn your kitchen with beach-inspired decor.

Celebrity Kitchens

Celebrities have luxury kitchens that reflect their public persona. Andie MacDowell's tudor-style antique and wrought iron kitchen has an antique stove, exactly what would be expected from the romantic characters she portrays in "Four Weddings and a Funeral" and "Groundhog Day," notes HGTV. The following celebs also embrace former characters or public images in their kitchen designs.
  • Jerry Seinfeld is as pragmatic at home as his sitcom character, but with a few more upgrades than the show's New York City apartment, such as high-end modern appliances, glass-front cabinets and rich oak flooring.
  • George Clooney is focused on aging gracefully these days and hires a cook to stock his mini subzero refrigerator with salads, he told CBS recently.
  • Quirky Diane Keaton made her kitchen eclectic with Spanish tiles she found at a yard sale that decorate the counter space. She even added a quote along the top archway of the entrance that says "A home is the place you go where they have to let you in."
  • Billy Joel takes technology seriously in his kitchen, with a wide flat screen television monitor recessed into a stone wall that separates the gas-burner stovetop island from the family room area. If you take a cue and power your kitchen with digital technology, can wire you to the cooking shows and other viewing options that will enhance your cooking experience.
Without a doubt these kitchens would inspire anyone to create a gourmet meal, or at least appreciate the one being served. Creative Commons image by Mirage Floors
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