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Bedroom lighting Ideas for your home

Bedroom lighting Ideas for your home

Bedroom lighting is a tricky business, as you have to set the mood and at the same time ensure that you have adequate lighting in the room. However this is not a daunting task, all you need is a systematic approach and you would eventually get it right. Here are a few tips which would help you in devising a sound layout for your bedroom.

Finding the right balance

Lighting can be broadly divided into three categories ambient, task and accent. However the real art is finding the right balance between all three, initially you might feel a bit overwhelmed, but if you concentrate on one layer at a time, you would get it right. You should start with ambient, then move to accent and finally finish it off with task lighting. Finding the right balance between all three is the main thing, so don't rush into making rash decisions, lighting layouts require patience, therefore right guidance and knowing your requirements beforehand would certainly help.

It's all about setting the mood

Bedroom is a personal space and you don't want to get into bed with flashy lights disturbing you from all nooks. Yes you do need task lighting but that doesn't mean that you flood your bedroom with all task lighting fixtures. Fixtures such as Alien wall sconce are crucial for your task lighting, however do not go overboard with such fixtures as they would do little to your lighting needs, but would certainly crowd the place.

Take dimension into account

Dimensions are important and you must take into account the dimensions of your bedroom, before diving into the lighting layout. You simply won't be able to do complete justice to the lighting plan if you don't take the dimension into account.

Add a personal touch

Since it is your bedroom therefore it is crucial that each fixture placed here speaks something about you, each fixture should reflect a part of your personality. Therefore try to find pieces that would complement your personality, if you are a laid back person and like things take their own course then your should go with pieces like Pirce LED Suspension Light and Blom Table Lamp, on the flip side if you like to take reins of your life events and are inclined towards adventure then pieces like these Fucsia 3 Pendant Light would surely fancy your attention. fucsia-3-life-02-santi-caleca-h

Overhead fixtures are crucial

Overhead fixtures are crucial for your bedroom; therefore try to add fixtures that are multi-purpose. Sconces for instance could be used as both accent and task lighting, where on one side they could be used for reading a novel at a night, they also aid you in lighting a corner of the room. Pieces like Mercer Ceiling Light are contemporary and would aid you in enhancing the ambiance of your bedroom. Bedroom lighting is more about establishing a peaceful and cam environment in the bedroom, one that is soothing and would immediately transport you to the valley of sleep. Try playing around with different lighting techniques and eventually you would find a perfect fit for your needs.
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