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Awesome ideas for Ceiling Lighting

Awesome ideas for Ceiling Lighting

Finding the right contemporary ceiling lights for your living room is no less than a challenge, especially when you're flooded with a plethora of options. However the real task is to establish the perfect combination of task, decorative and accent lighting. Since your living room is the most widely utilized space of your house, hence it should be equipped with all appropriate options.

Pot Lighting

Can and pot lights are the quintessential lighting essentials and therefore it is important for you to pay special attention to these highly underappreciated gems. We often undermine the sheer power of these miniature light sources, if installed in the right place, they could actually prove out to be pretty valuable. Pieces like Aixlight DUO ES111 Suspension Lamp come with an empowering option of mood setting henceforth are deemed ideal for a living space.


TheLight 18 Light Chandelier by Alma Light

If you want spice up things in your living room and want to add some glitz to the contemporary setting, you might fancy a chandelier for your living room. Contemporary ceiling lighting is all about jazzing things up and what better than a chic chandelier. TheLight 18 Light Chandelier could just be perfect for you as it imparts a glam feel to the space.

Flush Mounts

On the contrary if you feel that a chandelier would be "too much" for your living room, you might like its "cousin" flush mount, it is not as swanky as a chandelier, but it certainly fits the bill. A simple yet elegant piece like Aros Plafon AOP.124 Ceiling Light is perfect for contemporary setting. Moreover, it is a great light source and you can also try multiple pieces in room corners to lift the spirits.

Drop down Lighting

If you want to try something extravagant and opulent, then there is no better option than drop down lighting. Pieces like Grapes 6-Light Round Assorted LED Pendant Light, are rare and yet super ritzy, if you've got the right ceiling, you could probably turn on the heat with these amazing drop down pieces.

Grapes 6-Light Round Assorted LED Pendant Light by Sonneman


Moving on to a bit orthodox approach, you could try out a pendant for your living area. Many of us overlook pendants for living rooms, but actually these are a pretty cool option, especially if you have a slightly conventional setting. A piece like Logico triple nested pendant light could potentially elevate your status from an ordinary living room to a great hangout place. However one thing which you must ensure while choosing a pendant is that ideally a living area pendant would have a shorter chord, so no one bumps into it. Pendants are a great fashion statement for your living area and also a great source of light, hence you should try out one. 

Track Lighting

Sometimes less is more approach would reap you awesome results and this is where track lighting comes into action. You don't need to have plush chandeliers or swish pendant for your living area to be great, you could be more creative and use track lighting to create a great ambient environment in your living room. Contemporary ceiling lighting is not about glam and affluence, it is an extension of your personality and since living room is mostly used by house residents therefore you must go with something that really blends with your personality. Pieces like 3 Round Multi Light Canopy are great for establishing a relaxing environment. Lastly you could mix all those above things to your convenience and overall ambiance to create a great lighting setup for your living room. Living spaces are generally utilized by house residents therefore the lighting needs to be cozy and welcoming, so try to keep things on a mellow side and save up the dazzles for your drawing room.
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