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Attractive lighting for living rooms with LED's

Attractive lighting for living rooms with LED's

Thanks to their high energy efficiency and light quality, LED's have been used for domestic lighting for quite some time. Jeanine Chrobak-Kando from Verbatim explains the advantages of LED light sources. LED Lights by Verbatim with Jeanine
LED bulbs are a cost-effective alternative to conventional light sources in private living areas. Lighting accounts for about 15 to 20 percent of total electricity consumption in households. Given the costs of rising electricity prices, it is actually amazing how few people have switched to energy-saving light bulbs, for example LED lamps, as of today. There is still a lingering prejudice that energy-saving LED solutions do not provide the same benefits as the popular traditional light bulbs. But at least with their definite ban, consumers become more aware of modern LED lamps, which also provide high quality brightness. Resilient to switching, heat-resistant and extremely durable LED's produce high-quality and trouble-free light, even with frequent switching on and off over long periods of time. LED manufacturers achieve this reliability through the use of effective heat control systems that prevent overheating of the LED's. LED lamps from brand-name manufacturers achieve a lifespan of over 35,000 hours. Thus, they can be used at least twice as long - sometime even three to four times longer - as the currently frequently used compact fluorescent lamps, commonly referred to as energy-saving bulbs. For example, an LED bulb that was installed in a nursery shortly after the birth of a child can still be used after the child has left the parent's home. LED does not equal LED In order to maximize the advantages of LED technology, consumers should definitely choose high-quality lamps. Because only these ensure an optimal heat dissipation due to their construction and guarantee maximum durability. The LED chips are colored according to quality standards and ensure that all light sources in a room have exactly the same color temperature. This prevents irritating differences in color temperatures. LED users thereby benefit from high-quality spot lights or general lighting, lower power consumption and an unrivaled lifetime. LED lights by Verbatim LED bulbs from the assortment of Verbatim Modern LED lamps can be easily operated with existing dimmers and therefore offer the possibility to customize the lighting mood. However, LED lamps can be dimmed more precisely than energy-saving lamps. And last but not least, LED's provide their full brightness immediately after being switched on in contrast to compact fluorescent lamps. Traditional compact fluorescent lamps vs. LED's Compact fluorescent lamps or energy-saving lamps often require up to several minutes until they reach their full brightness after being switched on. And even then the light of an energy-saving lamp is not perceived as pleasant as the familiar light of a traditional light bulb in a lot of cases. In addition to the performance of energy-saving lamps, the ultraviolet radiation emitted can affect art, fabrics and furniture surfaces in the course of time. Modern LED's, however, can produce white light in attractive shades for use in private homes. Another disadvantage of the traditional energy-saving lamp consists in the use of the highly toxic heavy metal mercury in order to transform electricity into light. The use of this metal turns the energy saving light bulbs into hazardous waste which can not simply be disposed of in household waste. When they break they will release toxic fumes. Energy-saving lamps must therefore be disposed of at a recycling place with appropriate safety precautions. LED lamps, however, contain no toxic substances and can be easily recycled. That way they even protect the environment at the end of their long life. All together LED's are an attractive and promising solution for the lighting of private homes. And although the initial cost is higher, they often pay for themselves due to their long lifespan and prove to be the cheaper alternative in the long run.
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ANGEL - January 4, 2020

This was a great post! You really gave me some helpful information. Thanks so much!

Large Moon Lamps - January 4, 2020

Nice Decoration of LED Lights and please publish a stylish bathroom design pictures.

Sheetal Borkar - January 4, 2020

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