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Amp up your guest room lighting with these awesome ideas

Amp up your guest room lighting with these awesome ideas

Guest room is that room of the house which is probably the least used but needs to be the most versatile because it is the recipient of people with varying tastes and mindset. The type of lighting in this room must cope up with a wide range of styles along with keeping in line with the modern trends.

Recessed ceiling lights with a central hanging fixture

You don't need bright ceiling lights in these rooms because majorly, they are meant for relaxing. The ceiling lights must accommodate general illumination but not be overly dazzling. Pieces like Artica 240 Chandelier are simple options that won't break your bank. There is a separate line of sleek recessed ceiling lights if you want the room's lighting to be adorning. They have bronze housings or silver protrusions but we recommend the use of simple recessed lights for the ambient lighting and leave the decorative touch to the central hanging fixture. There needs to be a piece in the middle that is able to generate bright light if needed. It can be a pendant or in some unique cases, chandeliers.

Pendants come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and styles and can be chosen according to the theme of the room. Fixtures such as Smithfield S Pendant Light are simple and elegant options if you are not looking for anything outrageous. It consumes less space and generates a good amount of light. If, you need something very decorative, highly unique and are able to spend a good sum of money, you can purchase pieces like Oh Mei Ma LED pendant light but this puts pressure on the furniture as it needs to complement the pendant's enhanced glamour. Be careful that the pendant must be hung 15-23 inches from a 9-foot ceiling. This central fixture will be employed if there is a party in the room or any other special gathering.

Bedside lamps is a must

We talked earlier that these rooms must be versatile and bedside lamps play a significant role in it. They can serve as reading light for nighttime readers, as decorative elements of the rooms and as nighttime light. The table lamps shouldn't be too bright so that in pinches the eyes of your guest when they turn it on 5 A.M in the morning. It would just be frustrating. A good option is to get lamps with adjustable brightness.

Pieces like Soprana Solid TL-1 Table Lamp are slick in nature, are LED-powered and carry the advantage of adjustable brightness. Bedside lamps also bestow completeness to the room. It is okay to have a bed with no side tables in your personal room or a complete bed set with no table lamps but in the guest room, you must have a wholesome bed set that accommodates all needs. Gourd lamps are the best style to be utilized here. They are not uncommon, have a styling element, looks symmetrical when placed on both sides of the bed and can go with any bed style. Fixtures such as Atollo table lamp 236 / 237 / 235 - Opal glass come in different frame colors and carry a transitional style.

Accommodate for task lighting


There needs to be lighting for specific tasks as well like doing make-up, knitting a sweater, or doing office work on the laptop. The most flexible option for task lighting is the floor lamps. They can be moved anywhere, be it near the dressing mirror when your guests want to do make-up or beside the table where they want to do office work. Pieces like AJ floor lamp are adjustable in height and angle and can be used for any purpose.

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