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All you need to know about Monorail Lighting

All you need to know about Monorail Lighting

You might be aware of the track lighting but be unacquainted with the monorail lighting. Let us tell you in simple words: It is a replacement of the traditional track lighting with more versatility and utility. Monorail lighting can accommodate all sorts of fixtures to provide the room with the ambiance of your choice.

A superior option

This type of lighting has replaced track lighting due to several reasons. They are technically superior and offer diverse design choices. It can accommodate small fixtures like Spot 79 120V Spot Light which are more pleasing to the eye. It is miniature itself because it acquires surface transformers unlike the bulky transformers of track lighting.

This simplified design augments the utility it offers. Moreover, it is sleeker and architecturally finer. It comes in all finishes like nickel, bronze and iron. Unlike the track lighting, monorail lighting can be bent into circular or square designs according to the room, to obtain majestic glows. Imagine fixtures like Andrea AN.009 Pendant Light circling around in the kitchen; how great would that be!

A challenge solver

We talked about the enhanced utility this design has brought. During the course of constructing a new house or remodeling an existing one, you come across several lighting challenges: monorail lighting can solve many of them. If lighting is required in places where there is no electricity, the rail can be originated from the available junction box and taken to that particular place. If the ceiling is too high and the fixtures have to be brought down, you can employ the suspended rail and attach your pieces like Nagar NG.076 Pendant Light with it.

A particular room, sometimes, requires different types of lighting like a game room with a need of accent lighting at one end and task lighting at the other. The monorail will be at your rescue in this challenge; task lighting fixtures such as Ayda Medium AY.041 Pendant Light can be connected with the rail with adjusted angles accordingly while the accent lighting fixtures can reach their spot with the rail length; simple and classy. In some cases, the walls of a space are curved or S-shaped, usually in hallways or entrances. The monorail can be drawn in the required shape or bended by hand to light up the space convincingly.

What should be kept in mind before the installation of monorail?

The first thing to consider is the type of transformer. If you are constructing a new house, a remote transformer is better because it can be easily accommodated in a nearby closet, cupboard or any obscured place while for an existent ceiling; you have to go for a surface mount transformer. Secondly, what is the purpose of the lighting? Whether your require fixtures such as Afro AF.417 Pendant Light to focus a specific feature, highlight a decoration center or emphasize a corner or you need pieces like AROS A2.517 Pendant Light to support the ambient lighting.

Keep in mind that not every fixture can be mounted with the rail, so before you purchase a fixture, make certain that it has a mount with it or any other connector by which it can be connected to the monorail. Thirdly, what should be the style of the monorail? If the purpose at hand is to illuminate an oblong dining table, you would need a straight monorail but if you have to light up different parts of a kitchen including the counter top, table and the grocery stand, you have to shape it in a bend which must be coherent with the ceiling.

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