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Add Pizzaz With A Versatile Modern Wall Sconce

Add Pizzaz With A Versatile Modern Wall Sconce

The Modern Wall Sconce

The modern wall sconce is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners. Like the design concepts of many modern light fixtures, wall sconces too were prevalent for generations before electricity was ever discovered. Candles rested upon them on walls in rooms, corridors, stairways, and even home exteriors from modest houses to palatial manors. Today, however, contemporary wall sconces have the purpose of accentuating the walls of a home with their luster and light. They provide indirect lighting that gives a unique aura, and builds distinctive appeal by adding to the practical function of indoor and outdoor quarters where light might otherwise be lacking. For many who don't have the means to install overhead lighting, contemporary style sconces step up to offer the proper illumination where it is needed.


Tilee Wall light

Loop Wall Sconce

The Versatility of Wall Sconces 

Sconces have enough versatility to be the main source of lighting or to supplement lighting that is already in place. When installed and used appropriately, they give a home a stunning sense of timelessness and class. Sconces can be a remarkable addition to home decor of any style. And when used outside, they provide an added element of night time security by keeping entryways and dark corners of your yard better lit. Outdoor lighting tends to dissuade burglars by increasing overall visibility on your property. They also serve as a light before your path, to keep you from fumbling and tripping over objects as you sometimes need to move through your property in the dark of night. And aside from these fantastic practical uses, sconces that are mounted on outer walls have a simple, beautiful appeal. They can be used to accentuate the features of your hard, outdoor seating areas, and provide solutions for contemporary exterior lighting needs that are stylish, contemporary and refined.

Vittoria P Wall Sconce

Sento Verticale LED Wall Light

Most sconces, whether placed outside or inside, use a solitary light bulb. Some of them have a lid that is the shape of a half-moon, keeping the bulb out of sight and casting a shaft of light upward onto the wall. And some sconces render a moon glow effect throw opaque full-cover lenses, dispersing light around the entire fixture. Sconces can be traditionally ornate, or sleek and simple, but each one casts its own beautiful light in a unique way.

A Wall Sconce for Every Design

Today sconces are available in rustic styles, contemporary styles, art deco styles, western styles and more. View our wall sconce inspiration gallery. They are available in glass or ceramic, with bronze, nickel, copper or any metal you could desire. And they are fashioned in the classic shapes, or the shapes of leaves or animals. Each one is tasteful and elegant in its own special way. They can be tall or short, thin or wide. The variety of sconces available is as diverse as the many styles of homes to which they are built to accommodate, as variant as the kinds of personalities and tastes that will choose them to represent them in their abodes. Whatever design you dream of, there is a sconce meant for you, perfectly fit for your home.
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