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Add organic beauty to your home with the Link pendant light

Add organic beauty to your home with the Link pendant light

When it comes to pendant lights, the choices can be overwhelming. There is so much to choose from in terms of designs, colors and materials. When shopping around for these fixtures, you will be sure to find stores that promise high-quality pieces and great customer service. However, it's not very often that these businesses deliver.

For wide selection of luxury pendant lighting,look no further than Interior-Deluxe, an ultra-exclusive online lighting retailer that sells beautiful fixtures that will light up any room. Although all the pendant lights sold by Interior-Deluxe are extraordinary, one that luminaire that has proved to be a bestseller is the Link pendant light. Coming in small, medium and large size, this fixture will surely add pizazz to any room where it hangs. The Link pendant light was designed by Ray Power, a world-renowned designer that specializes in sleek lighting fixtures that are as unique as they are contemporary. The awe-inspiring curves in this light contribute to an organic arrangement, resulting in a variety of tones ranging from soft to dark. This pendant light is available in nine colors ranging from neutral ash hues to bold colors like red.

For something in the middle of these two tones, buyers may want to select a the cherry color. The Link pendant light is made in Spain and constructed out of wood. Although it would hang beautifully in any room, its special design makes it perfect for hanging in a living room and family room where it can be enjoyed by family members and jealous house guests.

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