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Add a new dimension to your Illumination Layout with Accent Lighting

Add a new dimension to your Illumination Layout with Accent Lighting

Accent Lighting in Homes

Have you ever wondered how your friend emphasizes her best decoration pieces, even at night? Like when you walk in, that’s the first thing you lay eyes on – Well, the magic behind that is done through accent lighting, which is a very popular choice in many homes.

Accent lighting is often installed in specific areas, to emphasize objects by focusing light directly on them. The light that falls on the object creates a dramatic effect, increasing points of visual interest.

Holistic Designing through Contemporary Accents

There is always a way of adding a little bit of drama to your house through different contemporary styling techniques. Whether you have any dull corners that you wish to illuminate or any family heirloom collections you want to highlight, accent Light is the best option for you.

The best part about Pieces like Accent Cable Kit 5 Head is that it compliments every corner of your house; hence, you can install the lighting in a range of spaces, such as over artworks, for bookcase displays, to highlight pieces of furniture, and even for wall washing.

Modernistic Backlighting

The trend of backlighting has increased rapidly over the years, as people have started welcoming modernistic interior designs to their homes. Best for creating an illusion of depth, backlighting is a style of accent lighting that is positioning around, under, or behind objects, you wish to highlight. Once installed, the light shines on the focal point, adding elements to it, and creating a complementary contrast in the room.

Have a traditional cabinet you want to centralize in the room? Or maybe you want to jazz up your in-house theater, regardless, fixtures such as Mike India 50 Accent long wall recessed light are the best choice for you to light up spaces.

Blended Tones with Up-lighting

Typically used to illuminate specific objects by adding light behind them, Up-lighting is installed to draw attention to what you want to be, the focal point of the room. Pieces like Mike India 70 Accent wall recessed light can be a smart option when using these lights to uplift your walls, as they blend in very well with the rest of the room.

When installing the best Up-lighting, be sure to mount them accurately; otherwise, you will be stuck with dark shadows and reflecting glares, leaving you with little visual drama.

Adding Sophisticated Display Lights

Suppose you wish to evoke an urbane look to the interior of your house that you have spent years maintaining, its best to install display lights. Fixtures such as Oblique Outdoor Accent Light are an excellent choice when decorating indoor plants, expensive vases and tableware, sculptures, painting, and even glass-door cabinets!

Direct display accent lights come in a wide variety, ranging from the highly in-demand spotlights to the lesser-used track lights. What you choose to invest in mainly depends on the objects you’re trying to highlight, so choose wisely.

Creating Contrast Using Wall-Washing Techniques

Another blended look using accent lighting can be achieved through the technique of wall-washing. Expand your space’s boundaries and elongate your walls by covering them with accent lights. Providing a light source from the ceiling to the floor, these accents create a blended contrast, without any sharp glares, making them best suited for rooms where you seat your guests.

Trust us; it’s time to transform your house into a voguish style using accent lighting fixtures.

Revamp your house and save a considerable chunk of energy by buying and fitting some of these greatly refined accent lights. Don’t forget to layer your lighting over background colors that further enhance the look of your house.





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