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Accentuate exquisiteness in your dining space with chandeliers

Accentuate exquisiteness in your dining space with chandeliers

An easy way to make the dining room look dignified and pleasant is by placing a stunning chandelier in the dining space. Dining room is also a must-sit area for your visitors hence you would need a chandelier which gives the room an exquisite feel but at the same time blends well with the overall theme of the house at the same time. Selecting the perfect chandeliers for dining area is a tricky business, so here are few tips which could help you out in this regard.

Things to ponder upon

Get the dimensions of your dining space and dining table to get an idea about the size of the chandelier. Generally large rooms would require gigantic chandeliers for which pieces like Brubeck Round LED Pendant Light are a great option. The size of the room and table will also define whether a single fixture is enough for the whole room or would you need two for proper illumination.

Chandelier should also be centered over the table rather than in the middle of the room. If your dining table is at one side of the room, the chandelier must shift accordingly. Go for bigger designs of dining area chandeliers. Fixtures such as Super Coral 8L chandelier and Hope D66/105 Pendant Light are large yet contemporary designs that are classy in stature and bright in luminance. Miniature chandeliers will make the ceiling space look vacant. If the design is too large, you can always hang it closer to the ceiling to make it less overwhelming. Pieces like Mini Giogali SP 50 Pendant Light come with adjustable hooks. The chandelier should be at least 36 inches above the table. If there are other light sources along with the chandelier, be careful. Place the chandelier at a separate spot so that the lights of both sources do not mingle to result in a washed out glare.

Styles, choices and options

The best decision is to choose a chandelier which is compatible with the decor of the room. Conventional styled furniture may require a vintage-styled chandelier while a contemporary decor would need a latest or transitional chandelier for which pieces like Dress SP P D2 Pendant are deemed ideal. A crystal chandelier is a style which is not usually the first choice of many households because the rest of the room usually fails to live up to its baronial touch.

Crammed in elegance and strewed with dazzling decorations, fixtures such as Logico triple nested pendant light are sure to awe-struck your guests. If complemented well, they up the ante of your dining room. They come with beaded, chained and bar extensions. Bowl and drum chandeliers is another class to choose from. Available in several beautiful designs, these chandeliers cast a downward glow. Pieces like Tania Trio VMC32500AL Modern Three-Tier LED Chandelier come with a dimmer switch so you can control the intensity of the light. You can also try rustic chandeliers. They are simple in style and usually do not require much space. They are perfect for a six-chaired dining table. Play with their finish and color and enhance their supreme delicacy. 

Mission chandeliers- an exciting option

Mission chandeliers are a unique combination of wood, metal and ceramic pieces intricately gelled together. Integrated with frosted glass or brass finish, these fixtures can create an ambiance of any particular era and resonate with any theme. Pieces like Nova 15 Chandelier - Clear transport you to old-finished Victorian style gigantic bungalows while fixtures such as Capella VMC32420BL Modern Flower Pedal LED Chandelier bring you back to the subtleness of contemporary age. LED chandeliers are a new sensation in the market also.

They give off splendid colored lighting along with being energy-efficient. They come in multiple sizes. Mini LED chandeliers with a single bulb can be used for small sittings while six, eight and ten-lighted chandeliers are available to illuminate large spaces.

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