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A light for all occasions

A light for all occasions

Harmonious lighting in the living room is especially important, because in no other room so many different activities take place which creates a high demand on the lighting set-up.  This lamp made out of glass creates fresh spring fever feelings.   Bring more momentum into your living room by creating a new lighting situation. You'll be amazed at how much the room can change. In your living room, you welcome guests, eat at the big table, or relax with a glass of wine. Here you watch TV, listen to relaxing music or have a party. Children often play in the largest room of the house, therefore the lighting should be adjustable to different situations. Although illuminated rooms are taken for granted and we have become accustomed to the convenience of electric light, it is still not self-evident that all possibilities are being optimally deployed.   Especially in the living room, aesthetics play a major role, because the living room is usually the "most public" room in your home. At the same time, it should be practical and representative. Therefore, relaxed, representative and functional light is needed. It is impossible to meet all these needs with a single lamp. A multifunctional room   The formerly common central ceiling lamps in the middle of the living room are, fortunately, not all that popular in today's living rooms, because a space is especially well lit when many different light sources are available and can be used depending on the situation. A light fixture that can be dimmed is ideal, as it is universally suitable. A lighting alternative is useful for many activities that take place in the living room. It increases comfort and can exactly illuminate the areas which should be in the foreground at a certain time. Lighting Living Room Interior Ideas The right light for every occasion   Even in small rooms, a feeling of spaciousness can be created when you set your mind to it. Details such as stucco ceilings and the most beautiful furniture, pictures and decorations should be placed into the right light. General brightness can be achieved through up-lights, light rails or even a chandelier. If atmospheric light like candles or a fireplace are important to you, it should be possible so dim the room light accordingly, so you can enjoy these beautiful primeval forms of illumination at their best. One of the most important principles of room illumination is the avoidance of bright light, glare and very dark areas. At dinner, a pendant light over the table is very pleasant, because it emits most of the light down and causes no glare. Soft, diffused light is ideal for relaxing on the couch. Watching TV or reading? For watching TV, a variable light should be available, that illuminates the wall behind the screen in a diffused light of low brightness. If the contrast is too big - if you look at the screen against a dark background your eyes will strain faster. The same is also true for reading. An individual reading light, which only projects light on the book and leaves the rest of the room in the dark, is unfavorable. Relaxing reading light is always a combination of indirect lighting of the room and the actual reading lamp. Reading lamps with dim functions can be used to precisely adjust the desired brightness to your needs and are particularly useful. Dim light in different colors is ideal for parties. And to put your images, paintings and art objects on the spot, a few LED or halogen spots on the ceiling will suffice. Table lamps in living room Especially for pictures, halogen lighting cannot be beat, because its color rendering properties are the best. Decorative lights, placed on a sideboard or table, which can be perceived as an object, are best suited to visualize your favorite piece of furniture. For best results, you should immerse the scene with some small LED or halogen spots on the ceiling to create a colorfast light.   Magic with the right light   You can make your ceilings look higher with up-lights. The necessary condition, however, is that the walls are not painted in dark colors. Even low ceilings can visually stand out through appropriate, bright lighting. However, if you live in a building which has particularly high ceilings, you can take advantage of the reverse effect: keep the walls slightly brighter than the ceiling, and the room gets a different proportion. Colored light changes a room visually as well: warm colors on the narrow sides visually shorten your room, while cool colors set the walls back. Main by Boconcept

Interesting play of light and shadow   The first steps   The first questions with regards to lighting design in the living room are as follows: Should the room be bright and inviting? How does it get affected by daylight? Should certain zones be highlighted? It is important that lighting has a calming effect and that the brightness can be adjusted. If you want to be less in charge, a time control can be installed, which controls the artificial lighting via daylight sensors. Try it with a light plugged in to an extension cable, to find out how you can realize your ideas in practice. You can improvise lighting alternatives with different lampshades and light bulbs. Light in your house is very diverse if you use it skillfully you can evoke emotions. And because nearly everyone likes good lighting, lighting design is a charming adventure. Tip Play of light and shadow   An evenly illuminated living room is boring. Only the combination of lighter and darker areas creates tension and lets items appear virtually three-dimensional. Combinations of diffused and direct light, for example through down lights or spots, are ideal. Noframe

This frameless recessed luminaires optimally adapt to any interior and provide a pleasant light. Tip: The light color of a lamp says something about what color the light has. The warm white of a light bulb is below 3300 Kelvin (K). Neutral white lies between 3300 and 5300 K and the almost bluish daylight white is above 5300 K. Light colors in the warm white range are soothing and comfortable.

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