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A beginners guide to Hardscape lightening

A beginners guide to Hardscape lightening

Hardscpae lighting is an extension of outdoor landscape lighting which utilizes the inanimate features of your outdoor space like patios, decks, stairs and walls for illumination purposes. It complements the existing landscape lighting fixtures and can be employed for many purposes.

Why hardscape lighting?

It creates new angles, shapes and unique contrasts on the outside of your house that are visually attractive and welcoming. Fixtures such as Favilla Wall/Ceiling Spot Light can be used in conjunction to produce stunning patterns on the garage wall to be used as an adornment for special parties. It also further strengthens house safety by lighting the most neglected places in terms of illumination like stairs, decks and balconies. Moreover, it aids to make the house look livelier, and the space more open because pieces like Spot 79 120V Spot Light produce remarkable effects that make a small place look large due to reflections and visual effects.

Down lighting for a scattered effect

While traditional hardscape fixtures come in the shape of linear brackets that can be attached with the structures, down lighting fixtures is a modern hardscape lighting tool. It delivers dispersed luminescence which can be used to light up a terrace or the driveway. Pieces like Conus LED Wall Light 7263 can be positioned at the correct angle and height to give a mild light that gets reflected from the side walls and plantations to give rise to a magical effect. These pieces come cheaply but have to be placed expertly to get the most out of them.

You can opt for expensive fixtures as well that can be lit in case of birthday parties or other family gatherings. These will then serve as luxurious lighting to create a welcoming ambiance for the guests and should be shielded from rain as many of them are not water-proof.

Deck lights for a milder effect

These fixtures are employed on stairs, wooden docks or at the perimeter of patios. In ground fixtures are also a part of this category. These pieces are not meant to give bright or large scope light but instead are used for the purpose of highlighting a feature.


What is more mesmerizing than walking up the stairway with glistening fixtures like Più Alto 3d Up LED Ceiling Spotlight  dazzling at side of your feet! It resembles the royal weddings when the newlywed couple ascends the castle's stairway with soldiers holding lanterns for them. It is a better option to choose LED fixtures with yellow light and that are water-proof along with being impact-resistant because they would naturally come under your feet if placed on the stairs. If employing pieces that are meant to be placed under the stairs, the impact resistant capability could be avoided. If you have an outdoor sitting place, the deck lights are an excellent way of adorning it. You might have looked in the movies where the hero invites the heroine to a romantic outdoor sitting place and have a candlelit dinner. Hardscape lighting fixtures like Led Oval 5185 suspension lamp placed on the perimeter of the sting area would create just the same effect. They look inviting, lights up the mood but are expensive. The best option is to opt for LED fixtures again as they are much reliable and environmental friendly at the same time.

Spotlights on the wall

favilla-wallceiling-5 Spotlights with up/down glow are the new cool because they are arranged in combination to produce different shapes that look amazing. Fixtures such as Favilla Surface Mounted Spot Light are small in size but offer a bright luminance and can be effectively placed with windows that face towards the front of the house.
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