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6 Interior Design Trends In The 21st Century

6 Interior Design Trends In The 21st Century

6 Interior Design Trends In The 21st Century

The 21st Century has already given us some incredible design trends. Some have made more of an impact than others, and have rightly been judged as modern classics. Here are six design trends that are here to stay. Just think of the impact they can make to your home.

Animal print

Animal print can be seen on everything from cellphone cases to wallpaper. From leopard print to snakeskin, it's bringing wild nature into a domestic environment. It looks particularly striking when used on shades for table lamps.

Grids & Geometric Patterns

The straight lines found in grids are a classic component of the contemporary school of design.

Quilted finishes

Another variation on the use of grids is the textured quilt look that's regaining popularity. It can be found on headboards and even walls.


Do you have paintings hung on your walls. In the 21st century, tapestries and wall hangings are taking over from traditional pictures. The craftsmanship that goes into woven wall hangings elevates it into a stylish art form.


Chrome and silver were stalwarts of the late 20th century, but brass is now supplanting it in the chicest of homes. Brass gives a warm glow to any room, and adds a striking touch in kitchens and bathrooms.

Intricate Embellished Walls

Walls are no longer plain and purely functional. They're being made fantastic with striking use of color, tapestries and integrated lighting. Recess lighting has come out of the dark, and is drawing attention to walls that are as exciting as the rooms they contain.

These six features will give your home a modern feel, and show your guests that you're keeping pace with all the latest interior design developments.

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