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5 Amazing Bedroom lighting tips

5 Amazing Bedroom lighting tips

Bedroom Lighting Tips Like every room in your house, the lighting for your bedroom should be tailored to meet your exact needs. Your bedroom is a room where you can relax and dream, or spend time snuggled next to the one you love. The correct bedroom lighting fixtures can enhance both of these activities. Here are important things to consider when you're updating your bedroom lighting: 1. Cost of the lighting fixture Set a budget and stick to it. It doesn't mean that you can't have spectacular and effective lighting. Interior Deluxe has lots of great prices and offers on lighting fixtures that are just perfect for your bedroom. If you're thinking about the long term and maintenance costs, then LED lights are a great choice. They're supremely durable and use little energy. Do you like to read before going to sleep? An LED reading lamp is your ideal selection. 2. Room dimensions The bigger the room, the more lighting power you need. Take the measurements from floor to ceiling as well as from side to side. Our experts can advise which lighting solution is best for you. 3. Light shades Moderate lighting is ideal for your bedroom. If you have opaque shades, the impact of the light can be lost. If your shades are too light, then you could be woken by a glare. It's not ideal as the first thing you see. 4. Dimming switches Dimming switches let you change the mood instantly. Nowhere is this more important than in the bedroom. It could be the best investment you make. 5. Remote control lighting You've just finished reading a book, or watching a movie, and now you're ready to close your eyes and sleep. You don't want to have to climb out of bed, cross over to the light switch, and then negotiate your way back to the bed in darkness. Bedroom lighting can now be operated remotely by a simple switch kept next to your bed. It's a simple device that can make life so much easier.
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