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4 Ultimate Stairway Lighting Ideas

4 Ultimate Stairway Lighting Ideas

In the old times, a grand staircase was the focal point of every great house. You might think enhancing stairs are out of fashion now, but you’re mistaken. Over the years, the only thing that has changed is how we style our stairways. You can inspire the same awe and decadence by lighting up your stairway using modern lighting pieces. Most certainly, this will draw the deserved attention to your staircase.

Stairway lighting is an excellent addition to your home due to its multifunctional feature of providing a stylish look, while simultaneously acting as a safety measure. While there are various designs to choose from, fixtures such as Swirl Wall/Ceiling Light are the most popular choice.

Importance of Stairway Designing

One of the lesser-known facts is that most household injuries occur from slipping while climbing stairs, which is why it is crucial to add lights as a form of guidance while illuminating the pathway with contemporary pieces like Norma 25 Wall Light.

Moreover, you will be glad to add the right wow factor to your hallways by enhancing the look of your stairs. Whatever style you go for, be it effortlessly classy, bold, or subtle, fixtures such as Discos Outdoor Wall Light for stairway lighting will always be an aesthetic you won’t regret.

Light Up the Corners

If adding a central direct light to your staircase is an idea that does not fit well with you, you can always opt for lighting up the corners of your staircase’s steps. This will be a subtle addition, which will prove its functionality of safety and style, without drawing too much attention to the details.

You can choose between different colors, temperatures, and styles of corner lights when deciding to install one. But keep in mind that fixtures such as Y-LED Wall Light are best for staircases that are flat, with small steps.

Mounting Lights on the Wall

Another popular style amongst those that like to decorate their stairway with pieces like Ocular Spotlight 1 Semi-Recessed Series 100 Round is mounting the lights on the wall. Ranging from subtle to chic, mounted lights have a variation in their styles. If you match and install them properly, they will not only transform the whole staircase to make it look classy but will also glimmer like tiny stars, delivering admirable aesthetics.

If you have a smaller stairway, its best to choose small lights and place them close together, so it provides more depth and sufficient light to the staircase.

A Contemporary Look with Stripes of Light

Over the years, homeowners have found various ways of upgrading their interior by introducing modernistic designs and styles, one of which includes installation of beautiful golden rays along every step you take on the staircase.

Typically manufactured using LED lights, pieces like Versio Spot Light - LED are a well-suited option for those looking to improve the design of their stairway with energy-efficient lighting options. Whatever style of the stairway you have at home, be it straight stairs, stairs with a central landing, or L-shaped stairs, these stripes of lights are a perfect addition to enhance the overall look.

Secondary Source of Light

If you want to keep the lighting on the stairway minimal, opt for installing a secondary source of light, such as a gleaming crystal chandelier. This addition will not only illuminate the stairway but will also fill up all empty spaces while becoming the complementary focal point of the room.

At the end of the day, choose your stairway lighting wisely, as the impression you want to make should be utilitarian more than being highly ornamental but not useful.

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