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4 Kitchen Lighting Tips to remember

4 Kitchen Lighting Tips to remember

Today kitchens have become more communal as most of the family time is spend in kitchens; hence it is important that the lighting layout of the space complement every chore taking place in the kitchen. People often neglect kitchen lighting, and most of the time is spent on kitchen interior, however this approach needs to be rethought as lighting is more important than any other thing when it comes to kitchen. Here are few tips that could aid you in developing a comprehensive lighting layout for your kitchen.

Illuminating all corners

All corners and nook of your kitchen are useful and every corner has its own importance in cooking chores, hence it is important that you light each corner accordingly. Nothing is more annoying than a dark corner in the kitchen. Pendants are super helpful in lighting these dark corners and especially ones such as Beat Black Wall Sconce and Zuben VMCF41300AL Modern LED Circular Ceiling Light are simply tailor-made for this job. These contemporary styled pendants not only add glam to your kitchen ambiance but also are a great source of task lighting. 

Central Piece

This might come as a shocker for many, as people are not used to seeing a central piece of lighting in the kitchen. Conventionally kitchen lighting is all about small pieces, studded in the roof, however these days kitchens have become a socializing area for the family, hence lighting it up with a central piece is justified. Moreover kitchen islands require lot of light as most of the cutting, slicing and dicing is done here. A chandelier or a strong iron piece could amplify the sheer magnificence of your kitchen island, catapulting it to a whole new level. Something like Dokka Pendant light would immediately grasp attention of your guests and would complement the overall contemporary them of your kitchen. dokkaphoto3_

Chandeliers can be used in kitchen

Traditionally chandeliers have been reserved for formal settings; however these days you could even deploy them in your kitchen. If you want to set up a nice cozy ambiance for your kitchen, then nothing would beat the exquisiteness and sheer elegance of a chandelier. Chandeliers serve as the statement pieces in any ambiance and setting, however here in the kitchen they serve as the show stoppers. Pieces like Eos Pendant Light and Sissi SP D5 Pendant Light are no less than modern masterpieces carved by meticulous craftsman, and hanging them in your kitchen would surely lift the charm and aura of your space.

Nice blend

Kitchen lighting is all about finding the right balance between ambiance and task lighting, once you've figured that out you're half way home. Henceforth from the start your mission should be finding the perfect balance between the two, where chandeliers and pendants offer you ambient lighting, similarly pieces like Sonora 490/oro suspension lamp and Caravaggio Matte Black Pendant Light offer you task lighting. gallery_4-_7__2 Sunlight is also an important source of light in the kitchen, and if you could somehow utilize sunshine during daytime, you would actually save a lot of energy. Hence do try to keep a window in the kitchen from where sunlight can pour in and aid you in your kitchen chores. Kitchen lighting is all about mixing and matching, hence you don't rush into the decisions, take your time and then finally choose something that you really feel would work out.
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