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4 Handy tips for Kitchen Lighting

4 Handy tips for Kitchen Lighting

Kitchens are one of the busiest spaces of your house. The space has evolved from the primitive just-for-cooking area to a multi functional room where one cooks delicious food, husbands sit to have their quick morning breakfasts, children do their homework under their mother's supervision and guests come about to gossip. Along with its placement and interior, a well thought out kitchen lighting plan could actually transmogrify your cooking space.

Mindful considerations

Best time, according to many experts, to select the lighting scheme is during the planning phase of your house. You need to know the dimensions of your kitchen, the amount of natural light reaching it and the positioning of the shelves. Choosing the lighting scheme afterwards would leave you with limited options. Although fixtures such as Mini Giogali SP 50 Pendant Light and are your go-with-everything option but their value is enhanced if the kitchen's overall theme is compatible. Installing layers of lighting in your kitchen is crucial. mini-giogali-sp-50-specchia_2 Single pieces like TR5 Pendant Light would not be enough for all kitchen tasks. A combination of ambient, accent and task lighting will set up a dynamic space. Be careful of the heights of the hanging fixtures. They should be at least 32 inches above the island counter. It is also a god practice to select a focal point where you want your guests to look at and accordingly illuminate it brightly. Who would want their guests to see the sink hemmed up with dirty dishes when they have a beautiful corner to exhibit?

Ambient lighting

Island and pendant lighting is usually the first choice for general ambient lighting. Available in countless designs, finish and color, this lighting sets the tone for your overall space. The theme of the kitchen determines the type of fixtures to be placed. Pieces like Dokka Pendant Light/Petrol Blue have a rectangular shape while pieces like Lambda LED Pendant Light are round-shaped. Both types have good illumination and are available in numerous colors but are to be selected according to the placement of kitchen's shelves, table and counters. dokkaphoto3_
Mini pendants are a dignified choice to light up the aforementioned focal point. Fixtures such as Dodo Pendant Light are perfect in this regard. Ceiling lights are your second category to consider for the ambient lighting. This includes the flush and semi-flush mounts, caged and LED lights. Develop a relaxing and soft ambiance for your kitchen through pieces like Sissi SP D5 Pendant Light.

Focus on task lighting

Track lighting is required to dazzle up your cooking point to feel focused or brighten up your baking corner to examine completely baked dough. This type of lighting provides luminescence for your specific tasks. Complete track kits or track heads can be installed for this purpose. Fixtures such as Dokka Pendant light come in various colors with sleek designs. Linear tracks can be placed as well. Not only are these good lighting sources but they also add up to the decorative elements in the kitchen. northern-lighting-dokka-pendant-light_13_1

Glowing counters

Under cabinet lighting offers kitchen an all-dimensional glow. They lift up the colors of your counter tiles, emphasize the existence of your cabinets and above all; sparkle up your daily kitchen tasks. LED and strip lights are suitable choices for under cabinet lighting. Go for the white glow instead of golden or creamy. Pieces like Conia Pendant Light come in both economical and expensive classes. Puck lights are an even cheaper option. They are recessed lights that have variable sizes so as to fit in any place accordingly. They provide a scattered illumination and could be installed before or after the cabinets are attached to the walls.
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