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4 eccentric places ideal for chandeliers in your house

4 eccentric places ideal for chandeliers in your house

A few decades back chandeliers were considered a fixture worthy of upscale houses and bungalows only. However the elegance and poise these fixtures grant to traditional positions like top of a dining table have prompted designers to think of other spots where these pieces can bring spark to. Here are some of the ideas for chandeliers in unexpected spots.


Modern homeowners do consider constructing spacious bathrooms with graceful vanities installed within. Bathroom is the place where you cleanse yourself to feel relaxed. Why not boost the chic of bathrooms by adding a stylish chandelier over the bathtub. Fixtures such as Ceremony Chandelier are contemperory pieces that go very well with light colored walls.

Ceremony Chandelier by Slamp

This could portray you as the queen who takes bath in the ever-clean water of her palace every day. This option might not be available in small bathrooms but if you have a large space to utilize, do try this as a sophistication charm. Make sure to buy the ones that are listed for use in damp places.


If your house is situated far from the noisy surroundings of the city, in the meadows or a plant-populated location, you would have surely considered making an outdoor porch. These spots are multi-purpose: from outside birthday parties to outdoor romantic dinners, these are ideal for parties and get-togethers. You can light up the space with pieces like Cellula chandelier - 47 inches- 9 bulb. Aesthetic in tone and soft in luminescence, this chandelier can make your porch look magical at night.

Cellula chandelier - 47 inches- 9 bulb by Anthologie Quartett

You might need illumination while grilling your prime ribs outside, which will be provided by this piece. For a farmhouse ambiance, you can opt for lantern chandeliers. Metallic fixtures such as Tears from Moon H20 XL Chandelier give real vibes of the traditional times when families would go out to their farmhouse with their kids on weekends. What better way to enjoy a weekend than having a family gathering with home-cooked food and gossiping outside for hours. If you have a large space, you can also choose to light it up with horizontal, minimalistic styled chandeliers. They will certainly enhance the sleekness of your porch. If you have a wooden porch, go with pieces like Raimond Suspension Lamp that have a wooden feel. If it is an extension of the house with properly painted walls and a metallic grill on the sides, choose from simple pieces like TheLight 18 Light Chandelier. This would complement the contemporary exterior. 

Home office

The growing probability of busy lives has convinced homeowners to have space for home offices in their houses. Instead of going for the general task lighting approach like table lamps, why not opt for chandeliers to impart an aura of creativity. You don't have to necessarily buy a large piece. Fixtures such as Hanna Midcentury Pendant Light are miniature and can be accommodated according to the available space. You might not have the luxury to move around this lighting source like the table lamp but it can give a scattered luminescence which will be enough for the work table.

By the closets

Closet and under cabinet lighting have been recent trends in terms of illuminating the closets. Shift from this general tendency and hang a sparkling chandelier by the closet. This will save you from the headache of installing closet lights through drilling and wiring. Also, pieces like Hope D66/105 Pendant Light can highlight your collection of handbags or boots better than anything else. It gives a bright, yellow dazzle that would enhance and uplift the beauty of your wardrobe. Chandeliers at these spots work best if the ceilings are high.
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