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3 Hot Options for Vanity Lighting

3 Hot Options for Vanity Lighting

Vanity mirrors are the order of the day; they are much more than a showpiece and aided with proper lighting they could elevate your bathroom ambiance to a whole new level. Vanity mirrors and lighting go hand in hand, however often we tend to undermine the lighting aspect and hence we fail to create an impactful persona for our bathroom setting. A perfectly aligned vanity mirror with lights is the centerpiece of your bathroom; hence you must pay special attention to this delicate pairing.

Contemporary LED's

Firstly, you must choose a vanity mirror that complements your vanity. Ideally your vanity mirror should at least be one inch thinner than your vanity, however this rule does not necessarily applies on double sink counters, as that is an entirely different ball game (which we will discuss later). However if you want to keep things simple and minimal, there is no better option than a classic LED light on the top of your vanity mirror. Vanity Wide LED bath bar is a cool option for people who like to keep it basic, however if you want something flashy and over the top you might find Lea 02 Wall Sconce a nice fit for your vanity mirror.

Vanity Wide LED Bath Bar by Sonneman

If you have a dual sink counter in your bathroom and are exploring appropriate vanity mirror options for it, you should go for two vanity mirrors instead of one. Since the sole purpose of a dual counter is to accommodate two people hence it would be convenient to have separate mirrors for both vanities. Individual vanity mirrors offer more workable space and also lend an expansive feel to your bathroom.

Groovy LED Bars

Lighting up two vanity mirrors installed side by side, might come across as a tricky task, however the bright side of it is that you have more available options. If you already have ample lighting in your bathroom and want to refrain from adding more lights, you should go for a single Dazzle 36" LED Bath Bar, on the contrary if you have available space and want more light you might find a couple of Dazzle 24" LED Bath Bar suitable for your setting. One thing which you must keep in mind while choosing lights for your dual counter vanity mirror is that ideally your vanity mirrors should align with your vanity. Hence you must refrain from leaving extra space at the edges. dazzle-bath-bathroom_1

Trendy sconces

Sconces are a great option for your vanity mirror lighting; they not only impart a trendy feel to your vanity, but also uplift the tempo of your setting. If you are using a frameless vanity mirror and want to maintain the deluxe feel of your bathroom, then Cavo Wall Sconce 205960 is a perfect option for you, after installation they truly feel like a match made in heaven. It is a pretty simple yet elegant handcrafted sconce that once lit up, becomes the cynosure of your setting. Moreover since an individual has sat down and spun magic on this piece with their hands, this piece is bound to steal attention.

Cavo Bath Bar by Hubbardton Forge

If you've installed a medium size framed vintage mirror and are struggling to find the right lighting for it, you might find 5584 Ludwig Series wall sconce a perfect fit. This particular sconce is difficult to pull off but in case of a vintage vanity mirror, you cannot ask for a better option. Multiple bulbs spread out like wings are signature royal insignia and hence accentuate the regal aura of your setting. Choosing the right lighting for your vanity mirror is quite a task, nevertheless it is also a great opportunity to elevate your bathroom setting. Henceforth you must always go with the option which immaculately infuses with your overall setting.

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