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3 Handy Tips for Choosing Ceiling Fans

3 Handy Tips for Choosing Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans come in all sorts of variables; offering a diverse plethora of options, so you might feel overwhelmed once you step into a shop for buying a ceiling fan. There are a number of things to consider when it comes to a ceiling fan, from blades to design to the overall built of the machine. Here are a few tips that might ease your process and aid you in buying the perfect piece for your space.

Installation Point

It might come across as a pretty trivial step; however it lays sound foundation for the next steps. You need to be absolutely sure where you want to place it. What sort of space is it, is it your personal space like your bedroom or a social spot like your living area. Since each spot has certain characteristics attached to it therefore do look into those. Each space has its own ambiance and mood, hence it is important that the ceiling fan blends into the overall character of the space.

Your ceiling fan must complement your space; it should not come across as a pushover, neither an out of place piece. It should nicely gel into your space, therefore things like airflow, size of the fan and number of blades; all need to be taken into consideration.

Determining the right size

Determining the right size of the fan has always been a tricky business, since you need to consider multiple factors. Large ceiling fan in a small space would not only tarnish the overall ambiance of the space but would also seem like that you are trying too hard to put things together. Therefore avoid such mistakes, take into account the room dimension before making the final decision.

For entryways pieces like Lapa Flush Ceiling Fan are deemed ideal, on the contrary if you want something for your bedroom then you might like something such as DC Slim Ceiling Fan. At the end of the day it is the dimension of the room which determines the size of the fan; hence don’t forget to take that into account.

Height is important

The minimum height set for a ceiling fan is seven feet; however for optimal air circulation it is advised that you install the fan at nine to eleven feet high. This height is from the floor; however there is another determinant which is often ignored and not given its due attention, that is the height from the blades to the ceiling. Entire performance of the fan is determined through this height; ideally it should not be more than one feet.

Moving on there are certain fans that are generally more suitable for low ceilings, for ceilings less than ten feet, pieces like Gusto Flush Ceiling Fan are most suited. Since they do not have down rods, they are mounted directly to your ceiling; this is what makes them unique and special. If you want to add a bit of glamour to your setting then this is arguably the best available option.

For high ceilings you have options like Lumina Ceiling Fan and Pensi DC Ceiling Fan, remember that there are number of other options available also, you should choose the one which best suits your ambiance. Ceiling fans today are also energy efficient, in fact it is suggested that you go for the piece that is energy efficient, since such pieces are good for the environment and also for your pocket.  Primary purpose of the ceiling fan is to maintain the room temperature, a good design and energy efficiency are an additional feature, therefore never compromise on the primary functionality.


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