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3 Awesome Ideas for Kitchen Pendant Lighting

3 Awesome Ideas for Kitchen Pendant Lighting

Kitchen pendant is a crown jewel of your culinary workshop, a right pendant sets the tone for your kitchen and hence it is important for you to pay special attention to kitchen pendant lighting. Kitchen is a working space and henceforth one must incline towards functional aspect of lighting rather than aesthetics, however this does not necessarily imply that you overlook the design feature. An ideal kitchen pendant should be more than a hanging decorative piece; however it is your kitchen's light setting which determines the role of your kitchen pendant. If you want task lighting for chores such as chopping and slicing you might want to go for a piece like Ecolino Grande Pendant Light, since it offers ample light for your kitchen tasks. However if you have large kitchen windows and ceiling pot lights, you might just want a hanging piece of art to supplement your kitchen decor, in that case Class 40 Pendant Lamp would be a fine option. It helps you make a statement and once it's up there, it makes its presence felt through it's over the top embellished demeanor.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is perhaps the most underrated lighting technique for kitchens. It is used to highlight a specific feature of a space; however people tend to refrain from deploying accent lighting, major reason being that they fail to identify the centerpiece of their culinary space.

Pull-It Pendant Light by Oligo

Kitchen island is a great spot for accent lighting, since you have a polished stone top, you could complement it with a nice pendant and your kitchen would graduate to a regal setting. If you are browsing for a fancy kitchen pendant then Pull-It Pendant Light must be your go to option, as its imposingly contemporary look imparts alluring feel to your kitchen.

Task Lighting

Task lighting is used to illuminate a specific area for working purpose, if your kitchen has no access to natural light, you might feel the need for task lighting. If you want to light up your working kitchen space, then you would like to have a pendant that aims light in downward direction. Moreover a transpicuous surface would also prove helpful in directing the light to the right spot. Dokka Pendant light is a cool choice for task lighting; you could also install multiple pieces, if you intend to cover your entire island. Ideally, however you would like to cover the middle section of the island and for that Cubi Pendant Light, won't be a bad option either.

Cubi S 11 Pendant Light by Leucos

If you have the lighting front of the kitchen covered then you are free to try out anything that would simply elevate the ambiance of your kitchen. Kitchen pendants are mostly used for decorative purposes, as often there is ample ceiling and support lighting in the kitchen.

Decorative Lighting

For decorative kitchen pendants, you must explore the entire gamut first, before you make up your final decision, as there is plenty to play around with. You could choose something like Cheshire Pendant Light, as a piece like this not only uplifts the tempo of your space but the shadow casted on your island would also be a spectacle worth watching.

Cheshire Pendant Light by Fontana Arte

A kitchen pendant with mild glowing light, would also aid in creating an impression without stealing too much attention. However this sort of pendants should only be used in already studded settings, since it would emulsify with the opulent ambiance rather seamlessly. Rina SP 25 Pendant Light would be a great option for a grandiose setting. Lastly, to choose a perfect kitchen pendant you must factor in your kitchen dimensions, natural and support lighting along with the general aura of your setting.

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