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Your Guide to Kitchen Lighting

Your Guide to Kitchen Lighting

When it comes to your home, what would you say is the single most important room? Is it the family room or entertainment room? Perhaps you think first about your bedroom, where you can get away from everything and relax. Actually, it's none of these. The most important room in the home has been and will continue to be the kitchen. It makes sense if you think about it. The kitchen is where you prepare your food, often together. The kitchen is where you come together to eat small, informal meals. It's also an impromptu gathering place, and where your kids probably sit to do their homework. In many ways, the kitchen is the heart of a home, which makes it incredibly important that you have the right lighting. If it's been some time since you've checked out your options in terms of kitchen lighting, you'll be quite surprised. Home lighting has evolved significantly in a relatively short period of time, and lighting for the kitchen is no exception. Within this guide, we'll highlight some of the most interesting lighting types, styles and fixtures that you might want to consider, whether you're reinventing your kitchen, doing a light renovation, or building a new home from scratch.  

Fly Candle Fly!

This lighting option is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to bring a touch of classic design to their kitchen, combined with a very obvious nod to the past in terms of lighting technology. Designed by George Baldele for Ingo Maurer, these stunning candles appear to hover in the air while burning. Note that these are actual candles and burn with a real flame they last about 20 hours, and make a great choice for special events, or for adding a touch of romance.  

Kelly Cluster Sphere Pendant Lights

Cluster lights are nothing new, but these spherical pendant lights are stunning and evocative. Designed by Andrea Tosetto and manufactured by Studio Italia Design, they feature a laser-cut design that allows plenty of light to be released from the sphere, and to foster the interplay of light and shadow. The body is made of metal, and the bulb sits behind a glass diffuser to amplify light emission.  

Conia Pendant Light


Want to bring a touch of the natural world indoors? You can do that with this stunning pendant light. It's designed to be reminiscent of a pine cone, and offers clean, elegant lines and plenty of light emission. It will look beautiful over a kitchen table, or a kitchen island. Note this kitchen light is made from polycarbonate for durability, and diffuses the light to soften it and reduce glare.  

Canned Light Pendant Light

Love Andy Warhol? Want to add a touch of modern art to your kitchen? Maybe you just love a good bowl of soup. Whatever the case, our Canned Light Pendant Light is an excellent option. The body is designed to look just like a can of Campbell's Tomato Soup, all the way down to the logo. It also features an interesting ring and pulley system that allows you to adjust the height on the fly. What would be more fun in your kitchen than three or four of these over the bar, or island?    

Veroca Ceiling Lamp

If you're looking for a larger light source that's closer to the ceiling, look no further than the Veroca Ceiling Lamp. Designed by Miguel Angel Ciganda and manufactured in Spain, this stunning ceiling lamp resembles a slightly deformed rectangle, and is designed to diffuse the light for better illumination. They're also washable when dust accumulates, and they are fire resistant, as well. Tension springs support the corners, and they are available with printed fabric, as well, to add even more flair and fun.  

Mega Bulb Pendant Light

Bold, almost brash, but stylish, the Mega Bulb Pendant Light by Sofie Refer is contemporary lighting taken to its next evolution. With a cord length of 72 inches, you can easily suspend this over any table, bar or island, no matter the height of your kitchen. Two or three of these with staggered cord lengths could provide plenty of illumination for areas in your kitchen with an eye-catching placement. Note that the lamp itself is made from white porcelain, and the assembly is stainless steel.  

Sonora Suspension Light

There's something undeniably charming about suspension lighting over breakfast bars and kitchen islands, and the Sonora 490 Suspension Lamp allows you to use this type of lighting with no shortage of style. Made in Italy and designed by Vico Magistretti, it offers diffused lighting emitted through a blown PMMA diffuser. Note that you can choose opaline, white or black. Also note that the dome of this light is 34 inches wide, so just two of these would light up large areas of your kitchen quite well.  

BorderLine Long Suspension Lamp

Our final entry in this guide is the BorderLine Long Suspension Lamp. Minimalist in design, it features a 72-inch long shade (either white or black) that hugs the ceiling. The lamp is made from metal and acrylic, and is manufactured in Slovenia. While long, these lamps are quite narrow (just 80 mm), and work well in pairs, particularly over areas where you want plenty of soft, diffused lighting.  


There you have them some of the most interesting new kitchen lights available. Whether you love the sleek minimalism of modern design, or you prefer something a bit more whimsical, there's an option above for you. Of course, there are plenty of other options available check out our kitchen lighting category to see all available products.
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