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Well-being light in the bedroom

Well-being light in the bedroom

Good light in the bedroom helps to increase your well-earned regeneration and relaxation. After all, we spend almost a third of our lives in the bedroom.

The pendant lamp 21.26 from Bocci consists of thin porcelain shields, which are wrapped around a trumpet-shaped lamp base. Even though many people think mainly of furniture and textiles when designing their bedroom, they ignore a crucial component: the lighting. Because in the room, which is mostly used at night, we still make important decisions - even if only the selection of the clothes with which we want to be comfortable in for the following hours. First of all, the bedroom needs good general lighting. Ideal are recessed ceiling or ceiling mounted luminaires, for which you can choose between a brighter and a more moody mode when entering the room. Dimmable general lighting is also very practical. With ceiling floodlights, that are fixed to the wall, you can illuminate your room indirectly, or even make it appear higher, while individual spot lights can be used to target pictures and furniture.

Closet and orientation lighting For an overview of your clothing, general lighting will be sufficient in the fewest cases. Choose either a closet with interior lighting or, in an early planning phase, you can install ceiling lights for your house or apartment. A distance of about 50 to 80 cm in front of the wardrobe is ideal. For subsequent installation, ceiling lights or spotlights, which illuminate the closet interior, work well.  

Fontana Art

Simple but effective: Wall light by  Fontana Arte Very small, non-glaring wall-mounted luminaires are also very practical. You will appreciate the good orientation at night on a walk to the bathroom. Even your young children will be happy when they are on their way to you.  

Relaxing reading in bed If you do not prefer a reading area with an armchair and floor lamp, make yourself comfortable in your bed: Be sure to be able to control the reading lights from your bed. Particularly useful are dimmable reading lamps, because only in this way can you adjust the desired brightness exactly to your needs. A 20 watt halogen lamp that points directed light onto your book is sufficient. It is also practical to be able to adjust the direction of the light. For the height of the luminaire, 70 cm difference in height to the bed is considered ideal. Wall luminaires are particularly safe because they can not fall down - unlike a reading light on the night stand.


Small but great: Italian designer Enrico Zanolla has combined clear glass with natural cork for his Picia. If you are one of the people who are affected by electromagnetic radiation, switch off devices that work with transformers at night and leave nothing in standby mode. In this way you avoid electro smog. Some people are even sensitive to power cables that are under voltage. In this case, a power switch should be used. For new buildings, shielded cables and power outlets in the bedroom make sense.

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Meta jaspering - January 4, 2020

I have 10 foot horizontal area of painting that I need to light with ceiling mounted spotlights. Please advise

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