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Update Your Kitchen and Dining Spaces With Island and Table Lighting

Update Your Kitchen and Dining Spaces With Island and Table Lighting

If there is a space that requires more than just adequate lighting it is the kitchen. We have to see what we are doing when working with the knives and cooking surfaces, and that means that kitchen lighting is a key part of kitchen design. Yet, if we also want those spaces to have style, we need more than the overhead, flush with the ceiling fixtures that are so often the norm in most residential design and décor. The same can be said of the dining tables where we gather to eat meals, play games, do crafts or spend time together. And that is why you will want to learn all about the latest innovations in kitchen island and bar lighting as well as kitchen and dining table lighting.

Looking at Trends

If we consider the latest trends in lighting, we might see the following issues highlighted as the most significant, whether speaking about commercial spaces, kitchen island and bar lighting, residential interiors and kitchen and dining table lighting, too:
  • LED - Eco friendly and able to cut energy use, they are predicted by the U.S. Department of Energy to comprise more than 75% of all lighting sales by the year 2030, so you might want to get ahead of the curve and use it for your new kitchen island and bar lighting or the kitchen and dining table lighting selected.
  • Retro bulbs - And in total opposition to the LED trend (or so it would seem) is the emergence of the Edison bulb and other similarly designed bulb styles. Appearing in many kitchen and dining table lighting fixtures, they can be incandescent, but are appearing more and more in LED designs.
  • Pendants - Good news for those who want more designer friendly kitchen island and bar lighting is the emergence of pendant lighting, such as drums, bowls and multi light fixtures for the kitchen or dining space. Chandeliers in unexpected places is also a part of the pendant trend, and you can find them in the kitchen and bath!
  • Warm metal finishes - Forget brushed steel and aluminum when there are rose and yellow gold options in kitchen island and bar lighting.

Can you find these trends in the kitchen and dining table lighting or kitchen island and bar lighting options we have available? Absolutely, and below are some of our favorite choices:

Giogali SP RE 1 Chandelier

Falling easily into the "chandeliers" in surprising spaces, this amazing fixture offers gorgeous light, serves as the ultimate focal point and can work in any number of styles or spaces. Crafted of handmade ribbons of Murano glass, it is a blend of crystal and chrome, and would serve as a fantastic fixture above any dining table or modern kitchen island.

Capella VMC32410BL Modern Five Ring LED Chandelier

If you are more of a fan of the cleaner and streamlined look, this amazing LED fixture is a good choice. Meeting most of the latest trends, it is a pendant style chandelier that uses an array of high output, dimmable lights to create a truly harmonious source of light. Whether installed above a dining table or kitchen island, its efficiency and fluid lines (it takes the form of five rings of various sizes) will make it a delight to behold and use.

Sky-Fall Pendant Light

Small in size, and ideal for kitchen and dining table lighting or hung in pairs or triples over an island, these are also directly on trend with their vintage bulb styling, warm metallic hue and LED bulbs for optimal efficiency. They are dimmable as well and combine the charm of blown glass and warm, rich light with a more contemporary face. Ideal for the eclectic as well as the modern space, they offer the kind of effective and targeted light needed when working, and then dial down to a subtler more soothing light as you dine or socialize.

Mega Bulb Pendant Light

While those who like the retro look of the Edison bulbs will appreciate this fixture, it works well in earthy designs, modern and contemporary styles and is amazing when multiples are hung over the same spaces. Whether in the kitchen, over the island or at the dining table, this is a wonderful, designer addition to your space. Combining glass, porcelain and metal, it one of the most flexible designs.

Discoco Large Pendant Light

A remarkable statement piece, this is an LED friendly fixture that can be dimmed to your ideal setting and used to create a wonderful look in a dining area or even over a kitchen island. Abstract in style, it works beautifully in a modern or contemporary space, but even the more eclectic, globally-inspired spaces will work well with this appealing fixture. The ultimate in sophisticated pendant fixtures, this is available in a copper hue in addition to a warm brass finish - making it ideal for those who appreciate the subtle beauty of the warmer metallic hues beginning to appear in kitchen and dining fixtures. With its LED friendly lamping and its generous size, it is on target with the latest trends. The sleek design works well in any contemporary setting, but it would also be perfect for the Midcentury Modern spaces, the retro 50s inspired designs, and even some globally inspired settings. These represent only a few of the on-trend kitchen island and dining table lighting choices readily available. Take some time to explore the options, and keep in mind that something as simple as new lighting, an update to the palette, and a few new pieces of decor can really change the tone of a kitchen or dining space. If you are eager to explore the ways that Kitchen Island and Bar lighting or Kitchen and Dining Table Lighting can improve your spaces, just visit our galleries to find an array of beautiful products and trendy choices.

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