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Kitchen Track Lighting 101

Kitchen Track Lighting 101

Track lighting is tailor-made for kitchens, since it serves as both ambient and task lighting. Track lighting fixtures could be mounted to the ceiling and run all along the kitchen counters. This way your entire kitchen would be illuminated and you would observe a symmetrical sequence in the lighting layout. We will be sharing handy tips which would help you create the perfect balance of task and ambient lighting in your kitchen. Hence, if you are looking for track lighting ideas for your kitchen you’ve landed at the right spot

Less is certainly More

In case of track lighting the golden rule ‘less is more’ is whole heartedly true, since track lighting is all about creating an impression and adding that extra layer in your lighting layout, hence it can be tricky sometimes. What happens is that people tend to overdo track lighting, sometimes four lighting fixtures in one direction would be enough, however people tend to add four lights on all four sides. This creates visual clutter and which in turn hampers the overall ambiance of your kitchen. Therefore, four pieces of Boogie Track Light mounted on a track would be enough to do the magic.

Spotlights are life savior

Spotlights installed over kitchen islands and counter tops are a great addition to the lighting plan of the kitchen. Sometimes all you need is a bit of task lighting at the right place, this is difficult to achieve since you have shelves and other such stuff in the kitchen. However spotlights like Tuup Spot Light and Versio Spot Light mounted on a track resolve this issue, as they could be adjusted as per requirements. Moreover these adjustable feature also enhances the practicability of such lighting fixtures and raises their status in the pecking order.

Creating symmetry

Track lighting is all about creating the right symmetry, it has been observed that many times multiple pieces are arranged in kitchen just to add a bit of versatility in the lighting layout, however that comes at a hefty cost. Therefore, if you want to install multiple pieces, you can do so easily and at a much cheaper cost through track lighting, mount pieces like Ebo Spot Light and you will achieve the much desired symmetry.

Cable Lighting is an option

If you happen to have a spacious kitchen, one that has a large kitchen island in the middle, then you can try something different such as cable lighting. This is perhaps the most aesthetically appealing track lighting genre, which would surely add a rustic feel to your contemporary setting. Use a cable to suspend track lighting fixtures, use lighting fixtures which are great for downward lighting and hence are deemed perfect for the role.

Blending and finding the right match

If you are one of those people who believe in harmony yet want to add a bit of twist to the setting, then you could play around with both contemporary and conventional fixtures. You could add traditional features such as Spotty spotlight 7341 and Spotty spotlight 1155, alongside a futuristic piece, it would not only blend nicely but would also fuse with the traditional fixtures.

If you are a fan of track lighting, then there is no better place in the house than your kitchen where track lighting could simply do wonders, hence do not hold back from trying these great track lighting ideas in your own kitchen.

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