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Soup to Nuts! Creative Kitchen Lighting!

Soup to Nuts! Creative Kitchen Lighting!

It's still summer! Want a great recipe for a light meal? Today's lighting designers are cooking! Gather family and friends around these new and innovative fixtures that hang like comfort food for the eyes! Over tables, islands and stoves, fresh lighting ideas are baking and Interior-Deluxe has gathered all the illuminating ingredients! Read on and eat up! Ultra-modern, ultra artsy are the fixtures from Ingo Maurer. What's simple to serve and mmm mmm GOOD? How about tomato soup for the soul kitchen? Check out Ingo Maurer's Canned Light pendant!

Hang it near your Warhol and warm your insides under its Pop ambiance. Celebrate culture's call to mass consumption ELECTRIFIED. The pendant's height is adjustable and suspended by a pulley and ring system. Don't miss its companion piece, the Canned light wall sconce. Way cool! Somebody grab me a soda! Hold on that's a lamp! Seemingly an infusion of herbs, fruit, alcohol and water, it's actually a flexible, jovial blend of plastic, metal, color and cork.

Meet the Compari pendant lamp. Quench your thirst for fun lighting! How about two over the bar?


Do you yearn to dine in romantic light? Want to really cook? See the Crave pendant light from Murano Due! Served with a smooth, red satin finish in an ultra modern saucer-like shape, its sleek and spicy glow sets a satisfying tone for both meal and mood.

Still not full? How about a little dessert? The Jacaranda pendant lights hang like speckled, gourmet treats of chocolate and icing. Carmelcolors and candied glass dangle down delectably. If you're sweet on imaginative illumination, you'll dish over these lamps. Bring your appetite for extraordinary lighting to Interior-Deluxe.

Visit our site or contact the showroom today. Interior-Deluxe is now serving!

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