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Secrets to Great Landscape Lighting

Secrets to Great Landscape Lighting

Have you ever thought why some houses look stunningly extravagant at night and not during day hours; well the secret lies in landscape lighting. Outdoor lighting is an important aspect of house exterior, one might have a great detailed landscape outside but without proper lighting all hard work goes down the drain. Nighttime lighting not only aids in house security but also helps you flex your house exterior. Lighting up the path way always helps as it gives your guest a feel of a royal welcome. Moreover pathway lighting serves as a design element for your outdoor landscape.

Pathway Lighting

Nautilus MR16 Stainless Steel Portable Outdoor Luminaire is a great option for your pathway, if used smartly it could add layer to your pathway foliage. Use multiple pieces to light up your main pathway. Another similar piece but with a slightly futuristic design Cubix 1 Flood could be used for lighting up the garden bed. Landscape lighting is a tricky business and hence you must always try to follow the famous less is more rule in this regard.

If your outdoor wall has a textured surface and you want to flaunt it, then a simple wall light would do the trick. Piece like LED Downunder Round Outdoor Wall Luminaire would prove handy for this setting. It is a relatively simple piece and could aid in highlighting the granular details of your wall. Multiple pieces lined up together in groups of threes and fours would be ideal for a medium length wall. However if you are more inclined towards heavier pieces, LED Downunder Square Outdoor Wall Luminaire would be a suitable option for you. While exploring options for landscape illumination, remember that lighting must always complement your natural foliage and wall textures.


If you happen to have elevation on your front walls and also if your complete house is on display from front, then there is no better option other than bollard lights. Bollard lights are ideal for minimalistic yet expansive landscapes; they lend a slightly bulkier feel to the nominal setting, hence giving an awe inspiring look to your exterior landscape. Rusty Cone 40 Bollards is a great rustic option which imparts the much needed huskier feel to the minimalistic outdoor setting.

Bollards also happen to be a great light source and hence are ideal for open landscapes. Usually people prefer floodlights for open landscapes, however if you want to break the monotony, then bollards are a great option. VAP 60 Outdoor Bollard is another option for your front landscape. Bollards play a vital role in lighting up the front landscape and also lend an edgy feel to the entire setting.


Flood lighting is perhaps the most widely used lighting technique for outdoor landscapes. The best part about being that even though we all imply it at our respective houses; everyone gets a drastically different output. Flood lighting is tailor-made for lavish landscapes; hence if you have a waterfall installed in the front lawn, you can't go wrong with floodlighting.

Big Cube QRB Portable Outdoor Fixture is a good option for studded landscapes; if you happen to have a green landscape then you could further beautify your exterior with supporting floodlights. Floodlights usually play around with projections and shadows and hence they could also be installed right beneath your front wall. Projections play a pivotal role in outdoor landscape lighting, if you have a humble house, you could magnify the outdoor landscape with floodlights and give it a much grander feel. Landscape lighting is all about complementing your exterior architecture with nice edgy lighting and not going overboard.

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Levi Armstrong - July 20, 2020

I’m helping my mom renovate her outdoor space this weekend. She’s always been passionate about the landscaping in her home, so I wanted to be supportive. I like that you said bollards lighting is great for the front yard since it gives a home an awe-inspiring look that would make it more aesthetically-pleasing. I’ll just to my mom about using this type of landscape lighting later. Thanks a lot!

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