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Restaurant lighting

Restaurant lighting

Restaurant Lights

Are you opening a new restaurant, or updating the one you have? Have you given consideration to the restaurant lighting? You should do, it can have a huge impact on your future success.


Great food at a good price will have people returning to your restaurant. But how do you get them inside to start with? Attractive and well thought out lighting will make people want to give your restaurant a try. Don't forget that people can't taste what your food is like before they make a booking, but they can see what the restaurant looks like. Make sure that you create a treat for the eyes as well as the taste buds.


All restaurants, especially new ones, have to keep a close eye on their costs. Utility bills can be one of your major costs. By using energy efficient LED bulbs you can ensure that energy bills are kept under control. LED bulbs are also perfect for table top mood lighting, a great way to create a romantic mood for diners.


Here's a winning combination for your lights. Have bright lighting at the reception or entrance way, and dimmer mood lighting around the tables with recessed lights creating a soothing effect around the perimeter walls.


When you choose your fittings and bulbs, always make sure that spares are readily available. Lamps that are broken or disused give the wrong impression of your business. Don't worry, Interior Deluxe stock a wide range of spare fittings and replacement bulbs.


Perfect lighting makes your restaurant stand out from your competitors. Here's an idea of how lighting can help you. If you have an Italian themed restaurant then have lighting in alternate green, white and red colors. Your lighting has now become an interesting feature. Your restaurant lighting can't replace great food, but it can certainly complement it, and ensure that your eatery becomes the talk of the town.

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