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Reinvent Your Bathroom with New Options in Bathroom Lighting

Reinvent Your Bathroom with New Options in Bathroom Lighting

While many people might not think it, the bathroom is one of the most critical rooms in the home. It's a place of privacy, often tranquility. It's a place where you can go to get your game face on before heading to the office, or to retreat after the end of a stressful day to indulge in a hot soak. Of course, achieving those goals is difficult if you don't have the right fixtures and hardware. Tubs, showers, vanities and sinks all have roles to play, but you cannot underestimate the value and importance of the right bathroom lighting. The world of home lighting has grown immensely in the past few years, and new technologies coupled with new designs mean that you have all-new options available to help you transform your bathroom into something that more closely mirrors your personality, or that allows you to evoke the design motif that you want. Whether you're interested in creating a luxurious getaway where you can indulge in a spa-like experience, or you want to reimagine your bathroom into a professional dressing room, the right lighting can help. In this guide, we'll run through some of the most interesting, unique, functional, and even whimsical options when it comes to bathroom lighting. Whether you're completely renovating your existing bathroom or just looking for the perfect fixture to set off your existing design, you'll find something here.  

Mini Glo-Ball Wall/Ceiling Light

Compact yet powerful, the Mini Glo-Ball Wall/Ceiling Light can easily double as either a wall or ceiling light fixture. The light colored base is the perfect counterpoint to the white glass ball, and the fixture delivers beautiful diffused white light throughout your bathroom. Note that the diffuser is handblown, and made from opaline glass.  

Vanity Slim MED Bath Bar

Looking for a way to add more light to your bathroom where you need it most, around the mirror? Struggilng to keep a minimalist look and feel in your bathroom at the same time The Vanity Slim LED Bath Bar is the answer. Slim and compact, it measures just 1.5 inches wide by 24.3 inches long, yet manages to emit plenty of white light, allowing you to coif your hair, apply makeup, and handle all of your toileting needs easily.  

Basic Strip Wall Sconce

For those interested in a simple, effective, yet elegant solution to their bathroom lighting conundrum, the Basic Strip Wall Sconce is an excellent option. The classic tubular shape is at once elegant and minimal, thanks to the skills of designer Ron Rezek. Choose from a white powder coated finish, or anodized aluminum to fit your design scheme. The light can be installed vertically or horizontally, but works particularly well as horizontal side lighting around mirrors.  

Sento Verticale HV/NV Wall Light

While many bathroom light fixtures cannot be adjusted, there's a lot to be gained with an adjustable head on a wall sconce. The Sento Verticale Wall Light is designed to emit diffused, pure light from the top and bottom, but the head can be turned so that the light is emitted to the right and left, helping you with bathroom chores and toileting. Note that this light is available in polished or matte chrome.  

Wezen VMW11400AL LED Bathroom Light

Going for a minimalist, modern look in your bathroom? If that's the case, then you'll appreciate the clean lines and sleek design of the Wezen VMW11400AL LED Bathroom Light. Designed like a forward-leaning T, this light delivers powerful illumination, and can be installed almost anywhere, from the top of a mirror to the sides, or it can be used as a wall light. It is dimmable, and features high-output, high-efficiency technology. It also comes with a limited lifetime warranty on the fixture and LED system.  

Backlit Mirror Rectangle 48 x 28

Maybe you have plenty of light in your bathroom, but you're looking for a way to set off the design, while simultaneously providing better illumination for applying makeup and personal grooming. If that's the case, then the Backlit Mirror Rectangle 48 x 28 is a great solution. It features diffused, pure white light emitted from around the entire periphery of the mirror. Not the right size? We carry plenty of other options.  

Dazzle Slim LED Bath Bar

For those looking to add a touch of whimsy to their bathroom design, the Dazzle Slim LED Bath Bar is a great choice. It's available in small, medium and large sizes to fit your illumination needs and the scale of your bathroom, and all models feature a lens made from crushed, fused glass nuggets. Of course, all sizes also feature the same slim, minimalist style and produce beautiful light that creates a play of light and shadow in your bathroom.   

Vienna 60 Wall Sconce

Undeniably classic in design, the Vienna 60 Wall Sconce offers beauty and delightful illumination. It is designed to work as horizontal sconce lighting, and can be installed beside a mirror, or anywhere else in your bathroom where a bit more light and style are needed. Note that you can choose from chrome or gold for the fixture body color.  

Sare Wall Sconce

The warmest light is emitted from our Sare Wall Sconce thanks to the double shade. The body is designed to resemble folded fabric and is made from stainless steel and Nomex. Designed by Hector Fernandez, this is an excellent option for bathrooms with an Art Deco style, or any bathroom where warmer illumination might be wanted to help with relaxation and rest.  



As you can see, there's truly something for everyone in our bathroom lighting collection. Whether you love the classic lines of Art Deco, want to add a bit of whimsy, or are in love with the clean, sleek lines of modern design, you'll find something that speaks to you and that will look great in your bathroom. Not sure about any of the fixtures we've discussed above? You can find more in our bathroom lighting section.
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